If you feel as though your hair is thin and flat, then you might want to take steps to improve the health of your hair. Paying attention to the health of your hair is important if you want it to look good. This extends beyond simply washing it and brushing it regularly. 

If you want your hair to truly be healthy, then giving some attention to the following three tips can help you.

1. Avoid Shampoos That Contain Sulfates

Avoiding shampoos that contain sulfates can help to keep your hair thick and healthy. Sulfates are prone to irritating the skin and can leave your hair feeling dry, which can lead to breakage and hair loss.

Additionally, avoiding overuse of dry shampoos can help to protect the health of your hair. Dry shampoo can build up on the scalp, which can effectively suffocate your hair follicles.

2. Seek Professional Treatment

Having your hair professionally treated is a great way to ensure the long-term health of your hair. When you visit a professional often, then you will always be able to get the best up-to-date advice on how to care for this part of your body.

A professional will be able to tell you when a serious problem has arisen. If you do experience hair loss and want to treat the problem, then hair restoration in Newport Beach can be a fantastic solution. 

Regularly visiting a reputable hairdresser can also go a long way to boosting the health of your hair. Your hairdresser will be able to check out your existing hair and to let you know if you are doing something wrong.

3. Love Your Scalp

Treating your hair itself is not the only way to ensure it is thick and healthy. 

Your scalp will also need ample love and attention. Regularly massaging your own scalp, or having someone else do this for you, will help to release dry skin from the area. This dry skin can harm the hair follicles in the same way that too much dry shampoo might. After applying a product in the shower, such as shampoo, make sure to thoroughly rinse it off as a build up of residue from hair products can dull hair.

Embrace What You Have

Although there are certain steps you can take to encourage the growth of thick and healthy hair, this will also depend on your genetics. Your genes will have a huge influence over the type of hair that you have and your ability to encourage it to grow thicker. 

So, you can take action to promote the thickness and health of your hair, but you cannot have complete control over this process.

It is important to manage your expectations when you are trying to improve your hair and to understand that you will have to work with what you have got!

That is not to say that you cannot vastly improve the appearance of your hair over time, but that you should be realistic with what you expect the outcome to be.