If you have a child, you probably know that they want the latest and greatest of everything. You want them to feel your love from you, however, and you want to give them the best that you can get for their next birthday. With this in mind, consider one of the three birthday present ideas below.

1. A New Wardrobe

Even though adults are more likely to appreciate a new wardrobe as a birthday present, kids will love it too. Consider something unique like vintage style children’s clothing that has a unique flair and that will make your child stand out from the crowd. Let them help you pick out some items too that they may like so that they can incorporate their own style ideas into the wardrobe. You can even allow your child to only choose one outfit so that you can base the rest of the wardrobe on this one idea.

New clothes are a great way to allow your child to express himself or herself, plus, they will be excited to wear the new outfits all year long. Children also outgrow their clothing so quickly due to growth spurts and even puberty when it begins when your child reaches adolescence. 

A new wardrobe as a birthday gift is a great way to prepare for the growth that your child is very likely to experience. Make sure to include some shoes and accessories as well, ensuring there is at least one pair of tennis shoes and sandals for the purposes of versatility.

2. Technology

This world is turning into a more digital world every day, with new updates and new technological advancements every day. You may want to limit screen time for your children, but a new piece of technology is perfect for them to help them learn. 

Plus, if you choose an Apple product, for instance, you can set screen time limits so that your children can only be on the devices for a certain amount of time. You can also be in charge of the app store so that your children can only download what you approve.

When thinking of technology, this topic is not necessarily even just about the latest smartphones, especially if you do not feel as if your child is old enough for one yet. You can opt to get your child a tablet or some other type of gaming system, for instance, instead. 

There are also tablets and computers that are made specifically for children and are made for learning, such as the LeapFrog tablets for younger children. These are great alternatives to allow your children to be in the digital age, but to let the technology have some form of benefit to your children’s lives.

3. Experiences

The final birthday gift idea for your children is to purchase experiences rather than actual gifts. Your children will likely become bored of their new toys or of their new things that you purchased pretty soon anyway, making it almost a waste of money for you. You can avoid this waste by offering experiences that will last a lifetime in your children’s memories and that are sure to bring them happiness. There are so many ideas for activities that you can do together with your child, even if it is just making vouchers that your child can redeem for ice cream or for a night out at a restaurant.

Start with your local city, finding children’s museums or even aquariums and zoos, for instance, you can buy a season pass too for your children so that they can visit as often as they like. 

You can also arrange for a vacation if it fits within your budget to a place that your child has always wanted to go to or to your family’s favorite vacation spot. One idea that some parents have put in place is to create envelopes for every week of the year that have a different experience in them to surprise your child with.

Final Thoughts

Your child’s birthday should be a day filled with the best memories. Though gifts do not mean everything, they can bring a smile to your child’s face. Consider clothing, new technologies and toys, and even experiences to offer something your child will love.