Regardless of whether you rent a venue for a Parisian-themed wedding or to use for a community talent show, there is nothing you want more than to have the venue picture-perfect, literally. Unlike 15-20 years ago, event pictures now show up on social media before the event has officially ended. Pictures are one reason why planners work hard – so that images capture the authentic ambiance and the work that went into planning an event. There are several ways to ensure a picture-perfect event space, and seven of those are listed below.

Reason for Getting the Venue

When you start planning your event, have an idea in mind of what you want in the end, Things may change but having a vision will help when looking at an empty room. Some things to consider when selecting are: Will there be tables and chairs? Is your event day or night? Do you need a dance floor? Is there a place for a bar? Are there enough outlets for lighting?

Tables and Tablescapes

If you are setting up a venue with tables, that means that your guest will sit for a meal. Planning a tablescape is as essential as picking the right size tables since tables take up a lot of space and will appear in many pictures from your event. When deciding on tables and tablescapes, these tips will help make your photos perfect. Get tables that fit the space and don’t create a lot of dead areas that are usable. Don’t overcrowd tables. For oblong tables, keep decor in a straight line down the center. For round tables, decor should branch out from the center. Centerpieces should not block views across the table.

Exceptional Lighting

Nothing can change a venue to match a theme like lighting. Lighting can set the tone immediately outside a forum or add color to a whitewashed room. There are many types of lighting but here are some to consider candles, LED neon signs, LED string lights, laser lights, projection lighting, and centerpiece lighting.

Seating Everywhere

Seating for an event is for function but one of the first mood setters and adds to event pictures. They range from folding chairs, slotted chairs, Chiavari chairs, ghost chairs, cane back chairs, the cross back chair, and more. In addition, there is a debate over chair covers. Most event planners will advise that the nicer the chair, the less fabric you want covering it.

In addition to chairs, any event can benefit from lounge seating. Lounge seating can be rented along with chairs and other furniture and is particularly significant if the weather is warm or if your venue is near water. Images of a relaxed and comfortable crowd are sure to wow photo viewers.

Dancing Feet

There is absolutely nothing that makes a celebration picture better than people up on their feet dancing. That means hiring a great DJ or band and making sure that your dance floor is big enough for at least ⅔ of your guest to be on the dance floor at one time. Ensure the pictures are perfect by having people up dancing. One great idea is to have them list the favorite song with their RSVP so that you can add them all to the list you give the DJ.

Self-Serve Stations

Allowing your guest to help themselves to something at the venue gets people up, moving, and engaging versus sitting in their seats all evening. Consider a wine station, candy bar, or ice cream booth to fix and serve themselves for your guests.


Not just for kiddie parties, props can make a venue pop with the unexpected and tons of fun. Props can include pictures, signs, a giant menu board, photo booth, balloons, or anything that adds to the theme of the celebration.

Having perfect pictures is one reason why planners work hard to ensure the perfect setup in venues. Their work planning events take skill, creativity, and patience. Seven ways to provide picture-perfect event space are to know what you want the venue to look like at the end, table and tablescape, exceptional lighting, seating everywhere, having everyone dancing, self-serve items, and props.

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