Sometimes, you want to change how your eyebrows look by adjusting the shape or making other changes. When this happens, many people will go to salons or have someone help them out, but you could shape your eyebrows on your own. If you need help properly shaping your eyebrows to make them look nice, you should use these five tips.

Identify the Shape You Want

Keep in mind eyebrows have different shapes you can make, such as rounded or thinner ones. When it comes to eyebrows, you have tons of shapes you can choose between, so you must research the shapes to understand which ones appeal to you. This will also depend on the type of eyebrows you have and how you want them to look.

For example, if you have naturally bushy eyebrows that are large, you may not want to make a drastic change by making them extremely skinny. This could cause them to look off, making you self-conscious of your appearance, so pick a shape that makes your eyebrows look good.

Find the Best Tools

As you shape your eyebrows, you should look for the best tools that will assist you with the process. For example, you should definitely have tweezers with you since you can use them to grab the stray hairs around your eyebrows. However, people will also use other tools for their hair stroke eyebrow needs.

As explained in the link, you can use microblading on your eyebrows and Nanomachine strokes, depending on what you think will help you the most. You have tons of tools you can choose between, but remember you can get multiple ones and use them in different situations. That way, you can get an eyebrow shape you like.

Always Start Small

As you start to shape your eyebrows, you should focus on starting small. This means you should make tiny changes to your eyebrows to avoid any drastic adjustments to your face. This especially applies to people with larger eyebrows since trimming them down to a skinny size could make your face seem strange or off to yourself.

It never hurts to start small with shaping. Focus on the edges and trimming them down before you go for any difficult shapes. After all, you can always trim your eyebrows a bit, leave them be for a day and trim them more if you want to make them smaller as you slowly adjust them.

Make Your Eyebrows Symmetrical

If you plan to shape your eyebrows, you need to make sure they’re symmetrical by checking their alignment. As explained in the link, you can check the alignment by using a pair of tweezers. This involves positioning the tweezers on different parts of your face to ensure the eyebrows match each other.

For example, if you put the tweezers between your nose and eyebrow, you can see how far apart they are. You can then do the same with the other side, ensuring they’re roughly the same size. Keep in mind they don’t need to be perfect: as long as they’re about the same size, people won’t notice a hair or two.

Watch Out for Stray Hairs

Once you get the shape you want, you will need to look around your eyebrows for any stray hairs. Since people focus on their eyebrows and getting the right shape, they may overlook the smaller hairs as they pluck. Make sure you take a mirror and look for signs of these smaller hairs, allowing you to get rid of them.

Keep in mind you don’t need to get every single hair around your eyebrows. For example, if you have tiny blond hair around your eyebrows people can’t see without getting close, you may not need to worry about them. Focus on the hairs people can easily see and remove them.


Shaping your eyebrows on your own can be difficult, so you should use these ideas to help yourself work on them. If you use these five ideas, you can make your eyebrows look nice while also ensuring they match each other. Feel free to apply any of these eyebrow shaping ideas to make them as nice as possible.