As the spring season begins, there are some maintenance tips you have to employ in your landscaping, regardless of the type of trees you grow or your residential area. During spring, assess the damage winter caused to your trees and prepare them for summer. Here are the four types of tree maintenance to do during spring.

Prune the Trees

Pruning is removing unsafe branches that got damaged during winter, and they are now a threat. The process also offers you the opportunity to perform a thorough tree assessment to ensure it’s in perfect condition. This guarantees you that your trees will keep on thriving on the landscaping.

Top up and Replace Mulch

Another tree care tip is replacing or topping up your mulch. Adding mulch around the tree is a way of moisture conservation. It also helps in suppressing the growth of the weeds. Ensure to cover the soil using a three to around five-inch mulch layer, which starts some inches away from the tree’s base. The mulch then extends out one to two feet around the tree.

Check Moisture Level and General Health of the Tree

Another type of tree maintenance is to check the moisture levels simultaneously and check the tree’s health. Ensure you check the soil moisture at least once a week. Check for between four and six inches, and the soil should be moist, not soaking wet. In case your landscaping has an irrigation scheme, ensure you check it for any leaks, clogs, or other damages. As the season progresses and the trees are still growing, water them with more water but less often. Ensure that you fully eradicate them from the landscaping since they steal moisture and nutrients required by the plants and the trees.

Fertilize the Trees

The last maintenance type is fertilizing your trees. Before the shrubs and trees enter the peak developing season add some fertilizer. Slow-release fertilizer is the best since it improves your plants’ resistance to insects, diseases, and weather. It also replaces the nutrients required.

While these are things you can do by yourself, sometimes you might not have the energy, time, and resources to handle these tasks. Consider contacting tree care experts if you need assistance with maintaining your trees during the spring season.