Improving the way you look is all about making small changes to how you take care of yourself. Whether it’s how you dress or even your body language, they all play a part in how you present yourself. Most people think it’s vain to want to improve your appearance, but looking good does more than just appear more attractive. It’s a confidence booster when you have clothes that flatter you. You feel liberated, strong, and genuinely more in tune with yourself when you appear your best. You will have more confidence to ask people out, make better life choices, and overall feel good about yourself. Here are 7 powerful ways to improve your look today.

Start Wearing Clothes That Flatter Your Body Shape

Clothes that look good on a guy who is 200 lbs. of pure muscle with bulging shoulders may not look so great on someone taller and a little more slender with skinnier shoulders. Stop comparing your body to others and start wearing clothes that best suit your body type. Everybody is going to need different clothes that best accentuate their specific body features. For most men, it’s commonplace to strive for the Dorito look where the shoulders are made to appear bigger, so wear clothes that best feature them. Finding solid pants and shorts are very important to complete the look.

Take Care of Your Hair

The hair is oftentimes considered the make or break for most men in their appearance. Proper gentlemens grooming can make a world of difference to how you appear. Get yourself a good haircut and a nice shaving routine to care for your facial hair. Find a haircut that really accentuates your best facial features. Not every face is designed the same. Investing in a good shampoo from the Gentlemens brand is a smart idea to start caring for your hair.

Body Language

Body language sends signals to the people you are interacting with on a daily basis. A slouched back with shoulders hunched showcases a lack of confidence. Crossing your shoulders gives off a more closed-off appearance. Start pinpointing how you are stopping yourself from appearing confident and approachable based on your body language alone. Stand up taller, smile more, relax your shoulders, keep those knees loose, let those hands hang free by your side, and start lifting up that chest of yours.

Start Working Out

Working out can be the defining change for your overall health and body. You’ll feel better, feel stronger, and overall improve your appearance as you begin to develop more muscles and improve your core. Hitting the gym does not have to be a chore. You can ease your way into it by doing simple exercises and slowly make your way to lifting weights and doing full-body workouts.

Skin That Shines

Skin reflects inner health. The wrinkles or lack thereof can define the age almost instantly. Caring for your skin by wearing sunscreen, using facial wash and moisturizer, or simply wearing that facial mask once in a while can help you keep your skin flourishing as you age. Men don’t usually wear makeup, and while it is okay to do so, starting off with solid skincare only makes it easier to wake up, leave the house, and already appear ready for the day. Start eating those vegetables and fruits. A study found that those who ate more of them for six weeks increased red and yellow skin tones with brighter skin.


If there is one thing that can tie it all together, it’s getting an ample amount of sleep every single night. 7-8 hours is the ideal amount. Sleep will help recharge your body, reset your mood, and make sure that you wake up with solid skin and a glow that only comes from getting enough rest every day.

Improving your look is about making small changes that all come together. It’s more than just putting on a nice-looking shirt that fits you best or using a facial wash every night. It starts from within. Meditating, changing your mindset, and working on yourself as a whole will overall help how you feel daily. Start incorporating these changes into your life and you’ll be a whole new person before you know it.