If you have the chance to get CPR certified, you probably should do it. If you’re a parent, knowing how reckless toddlers are is scary in itself. Being CPR certified could take some of those fears off your shoulders. Even if you are not a parent, being able to help older family members, friends or strangers could be very rewarding for you. Not only would you be prepared and able to help in an emergency, but it also opens a wide range of career chooses. It’s not always the careers that have to do with medical and health services. Here are five careers that require CPR certification that might surprise you:

Teacher (or any school staff)

Any teacher or employee to a school must be CPR certified. This includes counselors, secretaries, coaches, librarians, and absolutely anyone else you can think of. It makes sense because they are responsible for the children in the school, so they need to be prepared. If you have any hopes of working at any school in any position, you should save yourself some time and start looking up CPR certification.

Social Worker

A social worker works in all kinds of environments, from schools to homes. Sometimes the environments are not always safe, so CPR certification is one of the many pieces of training they have to do. Most of the time the training can be done after you’re hired, but if you have the chance to finish one of them you should probably take it. Social work is a fast-paced field and you knowing CPR could easily come into use at any time. That’s why it is required for each social worker along with many other pieces of training that have to do with saving lives.

Construction Workers

It makes a lot of sense that construction workers need to be CPR certified. They work physically demanding jobs in a high-risk environment. The pay for any physical or risky job is always going to seem like a dream come true. However, you should be aware that CPR is just one of the many trainings you’ll need to go through. It won’t be an easy job, but it might be worth it if you enjoy demanding jobs.

Flight Attendants

Flight attendants are living the dream; traveling to new places, getting paid for sightseeing, getting to see the clouds. However, this career choice can be extremely challenging and would need you to always be aware of your surroundings. There are always going to people on your flight with health problems, disabilities, and other factors that may cause you to know CPR and first aid. It is a career that would demand you to be on your toes, but if you love flying and traveling it might be worth it to you.

Security Guards

Finally, security guards also need to be CPR certified. This includes all emergency services: police officers, firemen, jail and prison personnel, ambulance drivers, and so on. These are all career choices that you are serving the public, which means being able to perform CPR at any time. This would be more demanding than some other careers because you are probably never going to have a slow day depending on the size of the city that you live in. You have to stay on your feet and be prepared for anything, but it can be a very rewarding career choice.

There are five career choices that require CPR certification that you may not have known about. Of course, there are a lot more job fields that require these certifications and more, but these five are well-known choices that aren’t always advertised with these requirements. However, there is a moral obligation that a lot of people factor in. Medical disasters happen every day, and there isn’t always a medical professional there to help. There are always stories of a stranger helping with unexpected accidents that could have resulted in death if they did not know first aid and CPR. This is enough motivation for many people to go through the necessary training to be able to save a life. If you are already CPR certified, then you should be aware of the date for your CPR renewal.