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Every family home has its own set of annoying problems that make life less comfortable. No matter the size or nature of your family home, chances are you have one or more fixes that you may have been procrastinating. The good news is that most common home issues are easy to resolve, and this article is here to help you conduct the process effortlessly. Keep reading to discover the best ways to fix common problems in your home today.

Tiny, glaring holes in the wall

You may also be looking for a solution to patch up tiny holes created during one or more previous attempts to hang pictures on your wall. Patching up the glaring holes only requires some patching plaster and a putty knife. Apply the plaster carefully with the knife, and if you have any plans to repaint the entire wall or room, use a product that contains a plaster and primer (in one).

When hanging multiple artwork or pictures, always use equal-sized newspaper pieces to create templates of your picture frames instead of merely eyeballing them. Use the painter’s tape to arrange them on the wall and have an accurate alignment.

A backflow in plumbing

If you’ve been receiving odd-looking or weird-tasting water recently, then your plumbing may have a backflow problem caused by a water pressure change. As a result, you may experience an increase in water flow in the plumbing system or a reduced water flow in a certain part of your home. This problem is often caused by back pressure, which occurs when the water moves in the opposite direction, or back siphonage, which occurs when the water supply pressure goes below that of the plumbing system.

There are several backflow parts you could use to fix this issue, and one of them is the hose bib backflow preventer. You can attach this simple, inexpensive device to your threaded faucets, sill cocks and any other part where a hose that may have introduced a contaminant may have been attached. Other great devices that you can use to fix a backflow are the pressure type vacuum breaker and a barometric loop.

A running toilet

If you have a running toilet, then you can fix the issue in one easy step. This problem is usually caused by a component that allows water to flow from the water tank to the toilet bowl when you flash known as the leaky rubber flapper. To fix this problem, start by verifying that the flapper is the cause by adding a bit of food coloring to the water in the tank. If you notice the food coloring leaking into the bowl, go to the hardware store and purchase a new flapper.

A Slow-draining bathroom sink

There are many ways to fix a slow-draining sink. However, if you’re committed to protecting the environment, white vinegar and some baking soda would be a great choice. Simply open the drain cover and throw half a cup of baking soda into the drain. Next, add half a cup of vinegar and wait to hear some bubbling and fizzing. After a few minutes, your bathroom sink should be back to normal.

Stuck windows

Do you have one or more windows that have been painted shut? If so, then grab a utility knife and score the paint around those windows. After that, tap a putty knife into the gap gently using a hammer. If the window remains stuck after doing that, place a small pry bar under one end of the window sash and then rock the bar backward. Make sure you have a small piece of wood between the sill and pry bar to prevent damage.

Grimy shower grout

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, mold is one of the causes of allergic reactions and respiratory problems in homes. If you suspect that you have this fungus in your home, especially in your bathrooms, you should get rid of it immediately. For instance, you may have grimy or moldy shower tiles; you can solve the issue within a few minutes with two natural remedies: baking soda and vinegar. Simply use the baking soda to line the grout between your tiles and spritz it with a mixture of water and vinegar. More precisely, the solution should comprise one part of vinegar and one part of water.

After a few minutes, scrub the tiles with a wire brush and rinse them.


These are some of the most common problems that a typical home experiences today. Follow the instructions above to fix yours in minutes today!