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One of the ways to build unbreakable bonds in your family is to have loads of fun together. Your children will undoubtedly remember the fun times you had as a family all their lives. In addition to building fond memories of home, family fun activities also build a child’s foundation.

If you are looking for ways to have fun as a family, here are a few things you can try.

Cook Together

Cooking with your kids is a perfect activity on rainy days when the outdoors are not inviting. To make it fun, find an interesting recipe and try it out together. You can experiment with food colors on your favorite dishes to add an element of fun to your cooking as well.

If your kids are young, they will undoubtedly love playing with squishy dough as you prepare their favorite pizza. Cooking with kids may slow the process, but the enjoyment is worth every extra minute.

Cooking together also presents you with a chance to teach your kids the vital skill of preparing food. If you introduce your kids to the kitchen from a young age, you may also instill a love for cooking in them. They could turn out to be excellent cooks in the future for all you know.

What’s better, you can use the time in the kitchen to emphasize the need for healthy eating. Building the proper dietary foundation for your kids will go a long way in making them healthy eaters.

Play Games

Games are meant to be fun, and family games are easily the best kind. If you want to have the time of your life with your family, play an outdoor game.

When the kids are young, build an outdoor labyrinth and watch them gurgle with laughter as they twist and turn on the path. You could also have a four-square tournament in your backyard for an afternoon of fun.

With older kids, indulging in a competitive sport like basketball is a great way to get them moving and have fun while at it. Having a family swimming competition is yet another way for everyone to enjoy family time.

You could also watch your favorite sporting events, like the NBA Championship Finals, if you prefer a more relaxing activity. Nothing fosters togetherness in a family other than rooting for one team and watching it perform.

Another way to transform an otherwise dull evening into a night of fun is to pull out a board game and play. Games like Jenga, Monopoly, and Chess are classics that are bound to be a lot of fun for everyone at home.

Plan a Picnic

If your family enjoys the outdoors, you should plan a picnic every once in a while. It doesn’t matter whether you visit your local park or spread a blanket in your backyard; any picnic is a fun activity for the family.

To make your day out fun, be sure to pack enough food and snacks for everyone. The classics, like sandwiches, potato chips, and fruits, can never disappoint on a picnic.

You could also make the experience more interesting for young kids by incorporating a treasure hunt into the picnic. Give them a map, ask them to find the treasures you will have placed earlier on their path, and watch how much fun they have.

Make Art

Few things are half as relaxing as spending time creating art. Whether it is something as simple as getting coloring books for everyone or creating your crafts, art can be therapeutic and fun.

The best thing about art is that there are countless ways of enjoying it as well. Listening to music, looking at paintings, and reading poetry are just a few examples of the many artistic things you can do.

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Have Spontaneous Fun

Sometimes, the most fun activities are unstructured. Telling stories and laughing out loud out on the porch or fighting with pillows are some spontaneous activities that can create immense joy.

Having spontaneous fun requires that you loosen up a bit. Often, these simple activities can create a mess, but the memories are well worth it. 

You might have to endure muddy feet sprinting around the house or tickle sessions that result in a broken vase. Regardless, replacing a vase is nothing compared to the look of pure joy on your kid’s face as you play around.


Fun family times don’t have to be expensive or even time-consuming. Sometimes, it is the simplest things, like a surprise ride to the ice cream parlor or an unplanned snowball fight, that produces unbridled joy.

If you need inspiration for great activities to do as a family, be sure to try out the suggestions on this post. No doubt you will enjoy them.