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Moving to a new home can be upsetting for kids of all ages. Leaving their friends and their familiar routine is often scary and emotional. However, sometimes moving is unavoidable. It can also prove to be a positive life transition. Even under the best of circumstances, making a move is bound to be upsetting. Here are some ways to prepare your kids for moving to a new home that might make the process easier.

Start Early

There are so many steps involved in planning a seamless move. In order to keep stress to a minimum, you’ll want to start as early as possible. This way, you can spend time helping your children to prepare for the upcoming transition. The more you talk about the move and what it entails, the less worried they will feel. It is also important to book the best moving company in CT or your particular locale as far in advance as you are able. This will relieve stress from you and your partner, which will be better for the kids. Allow plenty of time for saying goodbye to their friends and the places they love as well.

Pack Individual Overnight Bags

As the time gets closer to moving day, it’s a good idea to make sure everyone has their own overnight bag. Though your booked moving company may be taking care of the big stuff, you’ll all feel better if you have at least a few days worth of clothing and personal possessions with you so that everything you need is easy to locate. It can be a comfort to keep these important items close by.

Stay Positive

As you get closer to leaving your old home behind and settling into the new place, your kids’ anxiety may be quite high. It’s especially important to maintain a positive attitude during this period. Kids easily pick up on negative emotions and stress. This can intensify any negativity they’re already dealing with. When you’re calm, they’re more apt to be calm as well.

Include Them in Decisions

One of the best ways to get your kids excited about the move is to allow them to be a part of some of the decision making. Sure, they can’t have the final say when it comes to the major aspects of your move, but giving them some input on things that matter to them can show your children that you value them. They will likely become more invested in the process when they feel included. In addition, taking their feedback seriously gives them added autonomy and a sense of control. This is especially worthwhile at a time when everything might seem very much out of their hands.

Give Them Time to Adjust

Big changes require an adjustment period. Even as an adult, you’ll probably need to take a while to get used to your new surroundings and routine. It’s natural for your kids to feel uncertain or scared. They may get upset easily or even lash out sometimes. Try to be understanding and supportive during this time of upheaval. Work together to create a new routine that will begin to feel more stable as time moves on. Encourage them to talk to you about their feelings and let them know you understand. Bear in mind that it could take up to a full year or so for this new place to truly start to feel like home.

Maintain Routines

Another way to make the move easier on your kids is to try to maintain your routines as much as possible. This lets your kids know what to expect on a daily basis in the weeks leading up to the big move and provides them with a sense of stability.

Get to Know Neighbors

In today’s busy world, it’s not unusual for folks not to know their neighbors. As the new family in the neighborhood, it can benefit you quite a bit to try to overcome this trend. Taking time to meet your neighbors can be a wonderful way to transition into your new home. Nearby kids could ease your own children into their new school system. The neighboring adults might likely share the ins and outs of the city. It can be a lifesaver to have this kind of insight.


Hopefully, this guidance will help you feel less anxious about moving to a new home with your kids. Taking time to prepare everyone and being gentle on yourselves will make the process easier.