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Everyone loves a bargain and while most of the time you might be inclined to keep your eyes peeled for one, there are some things that can be negotiated for huge discounts. Most companies want your money no matter what and if that means that they have to offer you something at a lower than usual price then they will, so long as they are still making a profit.

While you aren’t going to get anything for free, you might be surprised at how low some things can get, and depending on certain situations you could get things even almost at a steal. While many companies don’t even entertain the idea of a negotiation, and some find it rude, there are some sectors that don’t mind and even expect it.

These include:

  • Digital Media
  • Utilities
  • Food

TV and/or internet packages have become very expensive over the years but some providers are open to negotiation while switching gas and electricity providers, or threatening to switch can earn you a big discount on bills, and some food items, especially ones near expiration can be purchased at a generous discount.

Are You Not Entertained?

Subscription TV has always been a relatively large expense as most providers seek to get the most out of their customers and with many of them now taking advantage of the growing number of streaming services, the costs have never been higher. But what people don’t realize is that companies such as Virgin, TiVo, and Sky are open to negotiation if you are polite and explain your financial situation but this can also depend on the attitude of the customer service rep you are speaking with.

For new customers, they regularly offer excellent deals that could get you a full package at a heavily discounted price but these usually come with 12 to 18-month contracts. However, should you take a package or you’re an existing customer and going through financial trouble, getting in touch is in your best interest as they will hear you out and in most situations can work out a new package without the expensive penalties of missing payments. However, many of these companies change their terms regularly and what they offer can vary so check out this Latest Deals guide for expert advice about Virgin in particular.

Address Your Needs

Energy prices are always volatile and while they might go down now and then, they tend to rise a lot more. Because of energy price increases during the recent pandemic, last winter saw over 2 million households fall behind on their energy bills in the UK alone. While some energy companies can be difficult to negotiate with, it isn’t impossible and some will listen to reason if you are polite.

A good tip is to use an online comparison site to find a cheaper supplier and then call your current supplier to let them know that you have found cheaper prices elsewhere. Next, explain that you don’t want to go through the hassle of switching and would rather stay with them, which usually results in your current supplier offering the same price as their competitor or sometimes even lowering it. This can be an effective tactic but some work is required on your part, however this won’t always work, but if it doesn’t you can just switch anyway, but don’t lie about it because they will check.

Eat Like a King

Like energy, the price of food is always rising and while there are many methods of saving on food such as smart shopping, beating the impulse, and cutting down on waste by using a meal plan, you can actually get food cheaper if you try or look around. It should be noted that one of the best things you can do to cut your food bill is to stay away from deals since these are designed to take advantage of urges and will cause you to buy more than you need, and in some cases are actually more expensive than buying separate items.

However, the best tip is to look for nearly expired food. Some people are put off by this but nearly expired food is perfectly fine to consume, otherwise, a store wouldn’t be legally allowed to sell it anyway. Many expensive groceries such as steaks, whole chickens, and health foods will be placed on sale for around half of their original price when they are a couple of days away from expiration and many of these can even be frozen on the day of purchase. Many stores have dedicated reduced price sections but you have to be quick to take advantage of these as shoppers are aware of some of the great bargains that can be found.

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