My image source: Pexels.

Spring is a time for a fresh start, and many of us really need a change of pace as we leave 2020 behind. Your investments can be large or small, involved or simple, but every choice can help you build a happier, safer home.

Set Up a Foyer

Not every home has an entryway, but every home has a front door. Create a space beside your front door where you can leave things you need for tomorrow in as organized a fashion as possible. For example, if you don’t have a closet by your front door, you could put up a door knob coat rack for hanging up jackets and bags. Under this, a rubber tray for shoes will prevent folks from tracking in dirt. As you move into your home, you will know that shoes, bags, coats and jackets will be exactly where you need them tomorrow morning.

Rearrange and Repurpose

Winter can leave your home, body and brain feeling tired. It may be tempting to run out and buy new furniture, but you can save space and protect your budget by repurposing what you have. Since you probably had to create an office in 2020, create a haven in 2021. Set up a small area of an existing room, such as a living room, as a spot where you can

  • read for fun
  • meditate or pray
  • journal for clarity

A comfy chair and a lamp are a good start, as is a pretty box or lidded basket where you can store your book, devotional text or journal and some colored pens. If you have pets who love to chew on baskets, consider putting a bedside table with a drawer beside your chair so you have a bit of privacy in your haven.

Beat the Heat

The winter of 2020-2021 let many of us know where the cold air got in. Now that you know where the gaps are, it’s time to check around doors and windows for weather-stripping, caulking and other tools that will keep you and yours more comfortable. Carefully study the condition of your access points. If it’s time to budget for a home window replacement, take a look at the value of your home today and what you can add to it with updated windows and doors. Curtains can only go so far; if your windows are single-pane, it’s probably time to upgrade.

Declutter and De-Duplicate

Use the time of spring renewal to focus on the items that really serve you. Kitchens can become a home to unused gadgets. If you find yourself digging through drawers to find your favorite cooking spoon, most useful knife, or favorite pot holder, it’s time to check your duplicates. Take a trip to your local discount or dollar store and invest in a couple of rolls of spongy rubber drawer liners. Put a cardboard box on the counter and open up your cupboards and drawers. If you pick up a tool and

  • don’t remember where you got it
  • don’t know why you bought it
  • can’t remember when you last used it

put it in the box. If you share your home with another adult, ask them to go through the box and ask themselves the same questions. Unless the item is near and dear, give it to a local shelter or homelessness prevention organization. Line the drawers with the new liner and lay the tools you really use in the drawer so you can find it easily the next time you cook.

Add Blooms

Treat your indoors to a blooming plant this spring. Your local nursery can help you choose plants that thrive in low light, or that bloom indoors. Treat yourself to a pretty pot and a prettier plant to brighten your spirits as winter gives up and goes. While you’re at the nursery, treat yourself to a few outdoor plants for your patio. Even if you don’t have a yard, adding mosquito repelling plants to the windows that you like to have open in the spring will reduce pests and freshen the air in your home.


Spring is about more than cleaning. You can clarify spaces in your home until they function exactly as you need them to. Get rid of what doesn’t serve. Create spaces that allow you to think, dream, and be thankful.