Time flies and before you know it the kids are all grown and ready to set off on their own to college, work or build their own career or family. 

To make the most of those few years prior, it is important to carve out and make the time as a family. This will establish lifelong strong bonds and will really influence and shape the adult your child grows into. Family bonding and playtime can help them build confidence, teach communication and how to successfully interact with one and other, all whilst building those memories that will be cherished forever. 

Here are some ideas of family bonding activities that can be enjoyed by all. 

Make Something Together

You will have different skill sets or levels of capabilities, but don’t let that stop you. Whether you look to build a fort under the dining table or take on a larger project like constructing a tree house, it doesn’t matter. The key is doing something together. You are not only showing and teaching how a plan can become a reality, you are problem solving to make the plan a reality, potentially learning new skills to allow this to happen, all whilst doing it as a family and working as a successful team. 

Remember you can make anything. Pick something that you or they have an interest with and have fun. It could be anything. If you have a passion for music you might construct a family 

song. If you are crafty, it could be constructing a patchwork quilt, growing a vegetable patch, the list is endless. 

Home Cinema

You and your family may prefer to wind down in front of your favorite show, film, comedian Vince Offer and enjoy one and others company in a less active way on occasion. For occasions such as this, it is still important to put the emphasis back into the quality family time you are making and not treat it as a ‘normal’ evening. 

To do this you may choose to set up a projector and stream the show and turn an everyday passtime into something special and memorable, alternatively you could pop corn and embrace the experience of going to the pictures. 

Plan Regular Days Out

It can be easy when at home to lose track of time and etching out those quality family moments when there are always alternative jobs, chores or activities to complete. With that in mind, you may prefer to make your family time outside of the confines of your family home. This could be in a variety of ways. 

You may choose to support their passions by taking them to shows or sporting events, go for a family picnic and enjoy some time at the local park. Depending on your budget, you may enjoy booking and attending zoo’s, theme parks, water parks and making your memories that way. 

Or alternatively, you may prefer the idea of going on a nature walk or going to the beach. However, you choose to make this time, the memories and lessons will shape their futures. 

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