Protection from the sun is essential to avoid tan and skin burns. Though it is advised to avoid direct sunlight exposure for long hours, it is not always avoidable. In that case, sunscreen is applied to the skin, which safeguards it from the effects caused by sunlight exposure. Plenty of sunscreens are available in the market, but which one to choose is the biggest question. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50 is among the most popular products by Lotus and is used by legions of people for skin protection. 

The brand claims that this product prevents skin tan, sunburn, and premature aging. Here is a detailed review of this product that covers all aspects allowing you to get a clear picture.

Product Description

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50 is gel-based sun protection with horse chestnut and vanilla that nourishes the skin. Long hours of sun exposure can damage the skin that leads to premature ageing and skin tan. Application of sunscreen gel can prevent damage and result in clearer and healthy skin. 

Skin Type

Being a gel-based sunscreen, this product is highly suitable for normal and oily skin. Oily skin can produce excess oil during sun exposure. People with oily skin will surely notice the reduction in oil secretion from their skin.

No White Tint or Residue

The problem with many sunscreens presently is that they leave a slight white tint on the skin after application. Not only it looks unappealing but can cause discomfort. When it comes to this sunscreen cream, then it does not leave any such white tint or residue on the skin. After application, it is absorbed by the skin in a few seconds. Not only that, but it is made with non-sticky formula enhancing its effectiveness.

Anyone who said sunscreen can only serve one purpose surely never used this sunscreen. This gel-based sunscreen can not only protect from the sun but can also be used as a makeup base. The non-sticky formula gives it a smooth base for makeup application. 

Key Ingredients

The combination of the right ingredients is what differs sunscreen from regular ones. When it comes to this Lotus Herbal sunscreen gel, then it comes with vanilla extract, and Horse Chestnut extract. Comfrey extract calms irritated skin and moisturizes it. Horse Chestnut protects the skin from the sun damage whereas vanilla extract makes the skin smooth.

SPF Content

Skin Protection Factor or SPF is the foremost thing that affects the effectiveness of the sunscreen gel. Anything near SPF 30 or more can provide effective protection to skin from the sun. With SPF 50, this is one of the highest skin protection factor that you can find in sunscreen making it highly effective when from UVA and UVB. 


For the best results, it is essential to apply the gel correctly. Start by evenly applying it on all the exposed areas of the skin. Make sure that you wait for at least 15 to 30 minutes before going out. To keep the effects of the sunscreen at its peak, reapply the gel every two hours.