When depressed, you are likely to feel alone. At times it may feel as if no one understands what you are going through. In worse circumstances, you might not understand why you are in such a situation.

Reaching out is scary, but it is the most effective mechanism to deal with depression. Are you feeling depressed? Read on to find out why you should talk to someone.

Depression is Painful

Depression is not a poor mental state. Often it is characterized by numerous physical symptoms. If you are depressed, you will experience constant low energy levels or fatigue. You may assume that the fatigue is caused by being exhausted, but the main reason may be depression. If you fail to get help, the fatigue may escalate to feelings of apathy and irritability.

You are also likely to get constant headaches and muscle aches because of anxiety and stress. The problem is you may not realize depression is the cause of your pain because the two often co-exist. You do not have to associate body aches to old injuries or aging.

As long as you are depressed, your body will hurt because the brain uses pain to communicate when the body organs are not functioning correctly. It is dangerous if body pain persists untreated for a long time. It can result in unresolvable health conditions.

Talking is the Only Way Out

If you are in the early stages of depression, you can easily mask the symptoms. It is possible for your friends and family members not to realize you are depressed. However, you will not be in a position to hide the symptoms for long.

You will get to a point where everyone will realize something is wrong with you. This is a critical point because it is likely to be characterized by frequent episodes of mental instability. However, if you talk to someone, they will walk with you, encourage you, get you help, and eventually, you will get through depression.

If you find it difficult to talk to your family members or friends, talk to a professional. In case you don’t have a doctor in mind or not aware of an institution to seek help, research for counseling centers within your locality. For instance, looking for individual counseling in Alpharetta GA if you live in Fulton County. Talking to a professional is essential because you will get assistance from someone qualified to deal with depression and the right medication.

If You Don’t Talk You Will Self-Medicate

Depression symptoms are unbearable to live with. Subsequently, your only option will be to self-medicate with recreational drugs to ease the pain. Self-medication is dangerous and can easily result in addiction. In some cases, you may not use drugs or alcohol to mask your symptoms but increase your food intake. Often when stressed, people use food to suppress negative thoughts. If you continue using food to self-medicate, it will lead to obesity.

In case your depression makes you feel less energetic, you are likely to use caffeine stimulants to perk you up. Too much intake of caffeine will have adverse effects on your health. Whatever method you can use to self-medicate your depressed state, it will not solve the problem. Nevertheless, if you speak to someone, you will get assistance, and also the urge to self-medicate will decline.

Untreated Depression Might Lead to Suicide

If you fail to talk to someone, you will end up having untreated depression. This is like a terminal sickness characterized by mood disorders and intense loss, sadness, and anger feelings. Eventually, you will not be in a position to withstand mental and emotional anguish. Soon suicidal thoughts will start creeping in.

The suicidal thoughts may get common until you take your own life. This can be devastating because life is so precious. It does not have to get to that point where you feel like life is no longer valuable. Opening up to someone will save your life in the long run and get you to a position of helping others in depressed situations.

Talking to someone is the first step in treating depression. Depression is not a death sentence. Millions of people get depressed every day. Most of them recover by speaking out and seeking help. There is no shame in talking to someone when depressed. It is the most crucial decision a depressed person can make.