The desire to turn up at work in the same clothes, eat the same sandwich from the downstairs café and try to please everyone in the office can be extremely real. Unfortunately, it is usually to the detriment of our health and wellbeing. It is really easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to routine, and depending on the workplace, effort or change can seem futile.

That being said, looking and feeling your best at work can work wonders for you and your self-confidence. Find a balance and read these tips on how to look and feel your best at work for you, and what benefits it could bring. 

Dressing the Part can Make You Feel the Part

There is a psychology behind dressing the part that can completely change your attitude and how you feel. There is a lot to be said for how we dress for work, as clothes can impact how others interpret you and your work. Whether this is fair is unfortunately beside the point. That being said, how you dress will impact both how you feel in yourself and how you feel in your own work too. You do not have to wear a suit to say “I am great at my job,” but if you want to send that kind of message, a mixture of office-appropriate attire and something that compliments your personality is a perfect balance. 

The world is catching up with appreciating and providing for every body type when it comes to stylish fashion, and this inclusivity of plus size clothing means everyone can find something to feel great in at work. Rock a floral dress or pair together a bright tunic and a fitted pair of trousers and start feeling your best even at work.  

Prepare Lunch in Advance 

There are seldom things more miserable than a sandwich we do not really want that has been sitting out in the counter for the best part of the afternoon, and depending on where you work, this might be the only choice in food available. Treat yourself by preparing a healthy, delicious lunch in advance that you can look forward to throughout the morning of your workday, and know that you will be giving your body a ton more nutrients and care than on a regular day.

Take Moments for Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a fantastic tool in everyday life, not just for work! However, work can also be extremely fast-paced and can face you with challenges that you might not have to deal with in your personal life. This is where mindfulness can be used as a great tool for calming down in those moments that can feel too much and help level your head. Try some simple mindful techniques which can not only improve your mood but also improve how productive you are at work.  

Mindfulness also offers many other benefits and can be a great contributing solution to job satisfaction, and avoiding emotional exhaustion and burn out from our day jobs.

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