Choosing when to sell your precious home is crucial financial planning that will significantly influence your steps towards financial independence. According to studies, homeownership is remaining the largest on people’s net worth statement.

In America, for example, homeownership remains below 64 percent. This is good news as a seller; you have about 50 percent probability of selling your house. However, what should you know before selling your home? Delve in for the 5 Things to Know When You Decide to Sell Your Own House.

Prepare Your Home For Sale

Before listing your property for sale on leading real estate websites, it is your role to make sure it is in good condition. Though major renovations might not be necessary, you must make sure every crack is filled. Your garden is free from weeds and is attractive; the lighting fixtures are functional all the nobs and handled are in good condition. Paint all the patches. Give your home a final fresh paint to attract prospects.

Repair or Replace It

Walk through your house or even call a friend to drive in and identify some minor things to be done.

  • Paint rooms to freshen it out.
  • Paint the doors and any exterior trim, making it more attractive.
  • Is your house number dull and old looking? Replace it to make sure the letters look inviting.
  • It would help if you replaced all the faulty or leaky fixtures and faucets
  • Fix broken locks and nobs, slide screens, doors, and drawers so that everything opens without hassle.

Give It a Clean Look

  • Dust the furniture and mop the floor
  • Consider removing old looking furniture you are not using.
  • Vacuum clean rugs, window coverings, and carpets
  • Remove all the cobwebs, replace the welcome mats to make your front look inviting.
  • Replace your old kitchen towels, bedspreads, and blankets with new ones.

Consider The Look of Your Compound

  • Mow the lawn and rake the leaves.
  • Trim overgrown hedges
  • Weed the flowers to make your home inviting from a glance.
  • Let the entry look appealing with a bench, new mailbox, and beautiful planters.

De-Clutter and De-personalize

Did you decide to sell the house? Then remove as many personal items as possible. Rid of excess furniture and anything you are not using daily. Clear your bookshelves, china door, and all personal items to make the house look bigger.

Your Agent

What’s My Home Worth? You can research the local market to find out the estimated price of your home. Have you lived in the area for over 5 years? Then you have the idea of how people sell their homes.

You can also visit the local real estate websites and compare the prices for the other homes in the same class as yours. Look at the sizes of rooms, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the general condition of the houses.

Sometimes you might be busy and not business-oriented, right? Then it is time to hire an agent to let things done while you run your busy schedule. However, you ask, what should I look in for a qualified argent?

When choosing to work with an agent, make sure they are members of the National Association of Realtors. Agents in this association follow the strict Code of Ethics. Interview at least three agents before settling for the right one.

Ask then to give you sale reports for the previous transactions, especially of your kind. Let them also tell the period for your transactions and how they will advertise it. Do not forget to ask them to give you their rates.

Prepare Your Documents

For example, if you decide to sell your home in Potomac, real estate experts there say it is essential to get a real estate home inspection to ensure that your new property is in good condition. Also, be ready to present the necessary documents to your prospects upon request. Make sure you have the title deed, mortgage satisfaction letters, utility bills, the utility company contact information and copies of rental agreements.


Before you decide to sell your property, you should estimate potential gains and losses. This will give you the right price range. Make sure you cover the following in quoting your price:

  • Government recording and transfer charges.
  • Real estate commission for the argent
  • Closing fees
  • Title charges
  • Additional settlement charges
  • Debt obligation to pay off an existing mortgage.
  • Preparation work for sales like repair and landscaping.
  • Tax charges if you decide to sell it by yourself.

Your Time

Sometimes it may be overwhelming when you decide to sell your home. Prospects would be reaching you throughout. You can set the time to meet and show them around, but some cannot make it then. It is, therefore, ideal for taking your time off to sell your home. Take enough time before engaging in other pressing issues.

Selling a house is an overwhelming endeavor, especially if you are a first-timer. Always prepare the property to attract prospects. Be ready by preparing the necessary documents. It is also important to determine the price of the home by researching and from a real estate agent. Take your time off and get the value of your property.

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