With many home upgrades and DIY projects, keeping up with the latest trends can be daunting. However, we take into consideration your budget and family. That’s why in today’s article, we discuss some of the best home upgrades of 2020 to suit your family needs.

1. Motion Detector Lighting

Unlike most lights, the motion detector light prevents lights from being used by switching them off, thus dramatically cutting down on electric costs.

Aside from that, they provide extra security during the night. The accurate sensors automatically illuminate any movement detected, keeping your family safe by warding off animals like raccoons, bears, or even intruders.

2. Floor Heating

Keep your family and loved ones well heated up during the cold season with a home flooring upgrade. An electric floor heating system can do just that and more. Most electric floor systems utilize 12Watts of power/ sq. foot, which is 300 Watts less than your average heater rendering it a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative.

Despite the name, they are well insulated and produce no electric static. It is to ensure maximum safety for the family even as your kids play above them.

3. Home Surveillance System

Increase your family’s sense of security with a home surveillance system to monitor indoor and outdoor activity and record footage to your discretion. A home surveillance system is a cost-effective home upgrade and acts as deterrence against crime- intruders and burglars.

Research shows that the installation of public surveillance cameras in hot zones such as Chicago and Baltimore, lead to a significant drop in crime rate. Furthermore, integrating the system with smart home technology offers a myriad of features such as smartphone functionality, remote accessibility, and instant notifications.

4. Washable Wall Paints

Tired of cleaning up smeared walls and crayon etches? While kids can be lively and creative, sometimes dealing with their messes can be stressful. However, with a coat of washable wall paints, you can prevent stains made from crayons, pencils, inks, and markers while making it simple to wipe.

Coating your home with a variety of high gloss paints makes scrubbing stubborn stains easy and overhauls your home’s aesthetics with a beautiful finishing glow. Accompany with a coat from a Teflon surface protector to prevent the formation of permanent scuffs. These paints are available in most hardware stores and are an excellent home upgrade.

5. Thermal Insulation

An adequately fitted thermal insulation system can keep your family warm and cozy during the harsh winter. They also reduce your energy expenses by 50% by retaining indoor temperature, preventing heat loss through gaps, pipes, and walls.

Furthermore, by installing an insulation system into your home, you stand to gain the following benefits:

  • Prevents mold and mildew sickness by inhibiting their growth
  • Improves the quality of air
  • Saves you the money you’d spend on AC/Heating maintenance
  • Prevents expensive moisture damage and condensation
  • Minimizes toxic emission of pollutants from entering your home
  • Reduces outdoor/indoor noise levels

6. Swimming Pool

Cool off your family during the summer and keep them fit. A swimming pool is a suitable addition to your backyard and an excellent recreational activity for hours of fun with family and friends.

It’s a sublime environment for hosting pool parties when you intend to have guests over, or a relaxation spot after a busy day. Consider ‘above ground’ pools made from fiberglass, vinyl, or wood to reduce the costs of building one from scratch. More so, these types can be integrated nicely into a deck and can double as a romantic tub for you and your spouse.

7. Build a Deck

A deck is an aesthetically pleasing upgrade and addition to any household. It creates a spacious environment for your social events, BBQ cookouts, and family gatherings. More so, a well-placed deck can shoot up your home’s value. Natural materials such as cedar, redwood, or a composite finish can enhance the exterior appeal of your home significantly.

Couple your deck with a safety rail to prevent toddler related accidents, and to provide leaning support. Besides, professional deck contractors in your neighborhood can provide cost-effective installation in accordance to your budget.

Our list of family-friendly home essentials remains cost-effective and beneficial to the family. Spruce up your home appearance this year with the latest trends 2020 has to offer.