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Caring for your pet is one of your utmost priorities as a homeowner. In particular, CBD is a treatment that has generated a lot of recent discussions. Let us take a very close look at how to know if using CBD is right for your pet.

Is Your Pet a Dog?

First and foremost, is your pet a dog? Out of all pets, dogs are the most suited for CBD. As a larger pet, their bodies can handle a solid dose of CBD on a regular basis. Some breeds of dogs also respond better to CBD than others. 

In particular, Labradors and German shepherds tend to enjoy CBD in moderation. If in doubt, you’ll want to conduct some research on your breed of dog and their tolerance levels. Although it’s possible to administer CBD to a cat, mouse, or bird, it’s really not as advised. 

One reason is that there is simply less research in these areas. If you have a rare species of frog, it’s really unknown how it will react to a dose of CBD. It might respond positively, or it might begin to throw up within minutes. Bloating is another issue that has been recorded. So to start things off, whether your pet is a dog should generally be the first checkbox before your proceed.

CBD Quality

Another factor you need to consider is the quality of your CBD products. You’ll want to stick to products from a known and reputable source. Although you might be able to obtain CBD from a smaller source for a better price, it’s natural to have some suspicions about the origin. Where was the cannabis grown? Did the process adhere to safety standards? If the answers to these questions are unknown, it’s hard to trust the CBD in the first place. 

When you known everything about the CBD you obtain, you can feel confident about giving it to your pet. Compared to humans, pets are sensitive to low-quality CBD. While the type of pet and its health status are two major factors, work must be done on your end as well. 

Please do your part in administering high-quality CBD that has been purified and properly cleaned. In this regard, it’s always better to spend an extra dollar to acquire good CBD. Consider buying in bulk so you don’t have to constantly go through different, foreign supplies.

CBD Quantity

The quantity of CBD is another factor that must be weighted. For larger dogs, you can usually give them a sizable dose without any repercussions. However, smaller dogs cannot tolerate these sorts of doses. You need to adjust the quantity depending on the weight of your dog; guidelines can be found online. 

Once again, this is an effort that must be done on your end. If you simply lay the CBD in front of your pet, they can easily overdose without knowing any better. While there’s a very good chance that CBD is right for your pet, it must be administered in moderation just like pet food in the pet bowl.

Is My Pet Healthy?

Last but not least, think about whether your pet is healthy in the first place. If there is no good reason to give CBD to your pet, you probably don’t want to do so. Although CBD is a good thing in moderate quantities, it can definitely cause complications on occasion. 

As they say, don’t fix what isn’t broken. In general, a healthy pet should continue its lifestyle without any major changes. When they do become sick or unstable, that is when you might consider using CBD. If you have a veterinarian, he or she will be able to diagnose your pet’s condition appropriately.

When all is said and done, it’s crucial to determine whether using CBD is right for your pet. When used incorrectly, CBD can have negative effects on your pet’s mood and activity. However, when used correctly, CBD can offer some amazing health benefits!

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