With many people being on a tight household budget, DIY has made a comeback as an economical way of carrying out repairs and upgrades to your property. Many DIY tasks can prove to be a success, even for a novice, for instance, painting a room, installing bathroom or kitchen tiles, or even laying outside decking. However, there are household jobs that you should always hire a professional to carry out, whether that is due to the need for expertise to ensure safety, or simply making sure that the outcome is clean and long-lasting. Here are three home maintenance tasks you should never carry out by yourself.


Drain cleaning 


Having a blocked drain in your house can lead to all sorts of plumbing issues, and if left unattended for an extended period can quickly become unhygienic. Signs of a blocked drain include water that is either slow to drain or backing up in your shower, sink, bathtub, or toilet, and a bad odor emitting from plug holes. While you’re probably aware that foreign objects such as wet wipes and feminine hygiene products cause a drain to block up, regularly washable items can contribute to the problem, such as toilet paper, washing powder, and toothpaste. Due to this, you will probably experience a blocked drain at least once in your household. A drain cleaning service will deal with the problem by fully unblocking your drain without affecting your plumbing system.


Knocking through walls


If you are carrying out house renovations to create your dream home, you might want to extend a room by knocking through a wall. This is a particularly popular solution for creating, for example, an extra-large living room, dining room, or kitchen. However, don’t be tempted to knock through the walls yourself. Though there might not seem to be much technique involved in swinging a sledgehammer, walls provide an important structural element to a building, and you could seriously harm the structural integrity of your home. If you have your heart set on an open-plan home, make sure you consult an architect about your plans and hire building professionals to carry out any structural alterations.  




If you have moved into an older property, you might find that it needs to be wholly rewired to adhere to current electrical safety standards. This might involve installing new cabling, moving sockets, lights, or switches, and rewiring power circuits. You might also want to install additional electrical technologies to your home, such as automated lighting and speakers. Though this might sound simple enough to do on paper, rewiring a house is highly dangerous if you are not an expert. You might end up accidentally electrocuting yourself as you are carrying out the rewiring, or a faulty rewiring could combust later down the line and potentially harm your family. Always hire a qualified electrician to carry out any rewiring. Though it might seem expensive, the extra cost is worth it to ensure you and your family’s safety.