The office spaces form the heartbeat of any modern business. So, if productivity isn’t at the desired level in this arena, the negative impacts may filter down throughout the entire company. Therefore, finding ways to restore efficiency should be one of the top items on your agenda.

Identification is the first step to overcoming problems within your organization and will enable you to plot the next steps in style. Here are 15 of the most common issues facing offices around the country, along with how you should respond.

#1. Poor Recruitment

Before worrying too much about the dynamics of the office environment, you must learn to build a winning team. After all, nothing you subsequently achieve can reverse the damage of poor recruitment. When looking for new additions to the team, it’s vital that you analyze personalities as well as talent. Remember that you are hiring people rather than a piece of paper.

In today’s climate, any job vacancy you post is likely to attract dozens of applicants. Including many unsuitable candidates. Use automated systems to filter them out, and then focus your energies on finding the very best. You won’t regret it.

#2. Too Many People

Too many cooks spoil the broth, and too many office workers will make it impossible to get anything done. People need space to work. While the open-plan office floorplan layout makes a positive impact, you can look to additional steps. Using remote-based workers is an increasingly popular solution. As long as those employees and contractors show accountability.

Your business needs to expand and grow, but moving office spaces might not be the best option. Instead, you may wish to use outsourced services ranging from IT to customer support teams. Growth without strain on the office is ideal.

#3. Inadequate Safety & Security

Safety and security are key features in all workspaces. Employees cannot perform to their optimal level when they’re distracted about potential risks. Office workers are unlikely to need hardhats, harnesses, or work boots. However, you must ensure that all electrical equipment is safe. Likewise, preventing unauthorized access is vital at all times.

In addition to protection on a physical level, you must extend this to digital security. Cyberattacks kill thousands of businesses each year. You don’t want your staff to invest all their time on this task, though, which is why embracing advanced systems is essential.

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#4. Wasted Time

Time is the most valuable resource at any company’s disposal. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for office workers to fall into the trap of completing menial tasks. From recording their expenses to making a coffee, lost minutes translates to lost money. Hiring an office junior may be one of the smartest recruits you make. Now is the time to do it.

Another common source of lost time stems from business travel. If you can remove the need for long trips by using video conferencing, you should do it. Aside from increased time efficiency, it’ll reduce the overheads to boost your bottom line.

#5. Poor Communication

A team that works together is destined for success. So, while ensuring that individuals are able to work in the correct fashion is one thing, you must not overlook the need for collaboration. The latest team project management software can keep all office workers on the same page. Better still, it can extend to support interdepartmental connections.

Cloud computing is another key feature for office workers. Crucially, you should try to implement shorter and more efficient staff meetings. This will enable you to maintain focus on the most important challenges without digression.

#6. No Comfort

As an employer or office manager, you must learn to accept that your employees are human. Their comfort can have a telling impact on performance levels. A wide range of ergonomic office chairs are currently on the market. When supported by an organized desk space and essential stationery, workers can actually work. Do not underestimate its relevance.

It’s important to ensure that employees are alert, which is why a coffee machine and water dispenser are vital. Even a 2% drop in hydration levels could seriously harm their workflow. Similarly, upgrading the break room facilities is a wise move.

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#7. No Motivation

Another human issue to consider relates to staff motivation levels. When employees actively want to work hard, they will produce far better results. The best way to encourage this is to show that there is a path to progress. If an office worker can aspire to achieve a promotion, it can spearhead increased productivity. It’ll also influence their colleagues.

Without motivation, office workers will fall into the trap of producing the bare minimum. Worryingly, it reduces the quality of client interactions. In turn, this can lead to fewer orders from B2B and conversions from C2C customers.

#8. Uninspired Surroundings

If you don’t think the surroundings of the office are vital, take a few seconds to consider how the design of your living room affects the home. The décor and layout choices of your office space can seriously alter the mood. Bright color schemes, a lot of natural light, and cleanliness are all key features. Celebrating company successes is ideal too.

Essentially, if employees are encouraged to take pride in the business, it will show. Other ideas that can ignite a spark from your team include opting for eco-friendly operations or using motivational music.

#9. Workplace Politics

The significance of office politics cannot be emphasized enough. As a boss, learning to identify and stamp out workplace bullying at the earliest stage is one of your greatest challenges. Otherwise, it can quickly cause irreparable damage to productivity levels. Besides, you owe it to your staff members from a human perspective.

Disagreements and mistreatments aren’t the only key issues. Neutralizing negative politics can extend to understanding the cliques within your operation. Meanwhile, setting guidelines on dress codes and behavioral issues can bring rewards too.

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#10. Slow Equipment

Bad workers aren’t the only ones that will blame their tools. When employees are hit with computers that turn themselves off or crash applications, output falls. Employees can become very frustrated, which leads to further declines. Regular maintenance and monitoring will keep computers firing on all cylinders. Still, they should be replaced 2-3 times per decade.

Even a 10% reduction in productivity would equate to a huge waste of money. It’d also stop you from unlocking the full potential of the business. Using cloud-based software is another step that can save valuable hard drive space. Embrace it.

#11. Outdated Technologies

The right choice of office facilities shouldn’t be solely about having quality computers. You will also want to incorporate Voice over Internet Protocol tech. Meanwhile, using automated facilities to take care of various tasks can help too. If nothing else, it prevents the threat of clouding an employee’s mind, thus allowing them to work.

Outdated tech also influences the connections to other departments within the business. Particularly sites where you sell items. So for the sake of your shop floor or restaurant too, persisting with inferior systems is never wise.

#12. Insufficient Training

Ensuring that all office staff members have the right equipment counts for very little if they don’t use it correctly. Investing in their continued development is crucial, and eLearning allows workers to grow at their own pace. Customized modules can help the company branding while also sculpting the team you want. Better still, it keeps them engaged with the work.

If your team isn’t moving in the right direction, it’s falling behind the competition. While you must always focus primarily on your venture rather than the competition, ignoring others is ill-advised. A more capable team creates a better business. Fact.

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#13. Poor Leadership

All employees look to senior staff and bosses for inspiration. In truth, though, this is arguably even more noticeable in the office environment. If workers can see that you aren’t pulling your weight, they will respond in style. Similarly, if they have reason to fear for the future of the company, they’ll start to look for other jobs.

Leadership isn’t simply about the way in which you conduct yourself. You should also aim to be a mentor that actively supports employee growth. You can’t do everything, though, which is why great team leaders are key.

#14. Stifled Creativity

In business, it’s imperative that you learn to appreciate the fact we all have strengths and weaknesses. If you’ve hired employees for their specialized skills, you must not stop them from showing those talents. Promoting a little autonomy can go a long way to getting the best results. After all, your team members may know things that you don’t.

Allowing employees to show creativity keeps them engaged, which also brings better output. Besides, when they feel the need to constantly seek approval, it can lead to severe delays. On a separate note, it’ll allow you to spend more time on your role too.

#15. No Praise

Inspiring improvements from the team is an essential step en route to success. Still, you must not forget the need to praise employees for a job well done. Positive reactions make people repeat their behavior. So, everything from pay rises and staff perks to a simple ‘well done’ or ‘thank you’ can work wonders. Moreover, the results are immediate.

Bosses shouldn’t fall into the trap of handing out praise for the sake of it, either. But when you strike the right balance, there’s every chance that you will start to see positive outcomes in next to no time. Do not let this simple issue cause disaster.