gentle wedding bouquet peonies with wedding rings top view

If you and your fiance have been looking forward to your big day but your plans to tie the knot have changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, all is not lost. This interesting time in our lives may also have you and your loved one thinking about the idea of eloping. There are still ways you and your future spouse can say your “I do’s” in a way that is creative and memorable. Here are a few suggestions.

Get Married In Your Local Park

You can choose a beautiful park in your area to hold your nuptials, especially if you were already planning an outdoor ceremony. Hire a minister you and your fiance trust for your wedding or ask a friend or loved one to obtain the credentials to officiate weddings. Keep the guest list small and make sure everyone practices social distancing and wears masks. This is a cost-effective way to “elope” as well since you don’t have to invite friends and family if you prefer not to. You also don’t have to worry about decorations or expensive clothing for the wedding. If you still want to share the joy of this life-changing event with your loved ones, you can plan a reception once it’s safe to do so in your area.

Have a Vehicle Wedding Processional

After you tie the knot outside your local courthouse or have a virtual vow exchange with an ordained minister, you can organize a wedding processional with your relatives and friends. Tell your “guests” where you want them to meet and what time the processional is so everyone can drive by in their cars and trucks. Your loved ones can decorate their vehicles in your wedding colors and play some of your favorite love songs so you can hear these tunes as the people you love drive by.

Videostream Your Wedding Ceremony

Use a video streaming service to share your vow exchange with your wedding guests. this allows your friends and relatives to see you get married in real-time and can make the ceremony especially significant for you. You can also open up the comment section so your loved ones can send their well wishes virtually.

Turn Your Postponed Ceremony Into a Vow Renewal

You can get legally married online depending on where you live. After you make it official, you and your husband or wife can celebrate at home with a special dinner or safe outing. However, you may still want to commemorate this milestone in your life with your extended family. Schedule a vow renewal for your guests at the place where you wanted to have your reception once conditions are safe so you can maintain some part of your additional wedding plans.

Organize an Elopement Ceremony

Talk with your fiance about a destination wedding that only involves the two of you and a minister. It may be best to choose a location close to home so you can make a day trip out of the event without having to stay in a hotel. If there are botanical gardens or beaches an hour or two away from where you live, you can select this location for your wedding. Ask a professional photographer or videographer to meet you at your wedding location so you can get beautiful footage of your special day.

Have an Elaborate Photo Shoot

A photoshoot is a great way to commemorate your special day even if you’ve decided not to have guests at your wedding ceremony. An outdoor photoshoot will likely be the safest since it will be easier to maintain social distancing. Or, you can choose a loft or warehouse space so your photos will have a modern feel and you won’t have to worry about getting too close to people. Choose qualified local photographers and look at their portfolios to determine which professional can give you the shots you want. For instance, if you’re in the West Palm Beach area and want a tropical or beach theme for your photoshoot, search for a wedding photographer in West Palm Beach who has done similar work. You can use the photos from your shoot to create save the date cards if you’re planning a reception later in the year or want to send a wedding announcement to your loved ones after you tie the knot.

Plan an Activity-Centered Wedding

Since you’ll have to have a very small guest list if you invite anyone to your wedding at all, it may be best for you and your fiance to plan a creative ceremony based on your favorite activities. If the two of you love hiking, plan a scavenger hunt or decorate a hiking trail so the two of you can walk together until you get to the minister to exchange your vows. If you enjoy having picnics together, plan a meal based on the foods you chose for your reception. Choose a wedding celebration that is customized to who you and your fiance are as a couple.

Even though you may not be able to celebrate your wedding the way you planned, you can still make the most of this special day in your life by safely eloping. Depending on your original wedding plans, you can also organize a party or reception in the coming months so you can share your joy with the people who mean the most to you.