Business people shake hands to work.

When it comes to running a business, there are a number of ways that you can get ahead. In fact, a company can double or even triple their business with the right plan. Here are five proven ways that you can take your business to the next level.

1). Make A Client Or Customer Wish List

Whether your business serves a handful of clients or a large base of customers, you will want to create a wish list of the clients or customers that you will want to acquire over the next five years. If you serve clients, then this would be easy. Think about the biggest clients that you believe you can get in the next five years. You can now target those clients and figure out how to get their accounts. When it comes to customers, you should make a goal as to how many customers you want in a five years period. This will allow you to create a realistic plan to hit your goals.

2). Get A Team To Manage Your IT Service

As your business grows, you are going to have more and more technology that you are going to have to manage. From desktops to laptops, software, apps, smartphone devices, printers, laptops, big data, and more, you will have lots of technology to deal with. That’s why you need to make the investment and get a managed IT service to handle all of that tech for you. If you are looking for a tech team in your city, then simply perform an internet search of managed IT service followed by your city name. For instance, you can search for “Managed IT services in Chicago” if you live in the Chicago area.

3). Model Your Competition

One of the sneakiest and best-proven ways to take your business to the next level is to simply model your competition. Thanks to the internet, modeling your more successful competitors is easier than ever. If your competitor is selling a product, you can look at their ads, sales funnel, e-mail campaigns, and more. Be sure to not copy everything that your competition is doing. Simply gain some insight and use that insight when creating your own marketing, advertising or sales approach. For instance, if your competition is using social media influencers to great effect, then you should consider using social media influencers.

4). Poach The Best Talent From Your Competition

Another way you can take your business to the next level is by taking the best talent away from your competition. You can use a talent recruiter in order to arrange a meeting with the candidate. During the interview, ask if the candidate is happy with his current job. You might find something about the candidate’s current job that they are not happy with. This could be his salary, supervisor, title, vacation time, or office location. You may be able to offer this talent something that his current employer can not match. With top talent, it will become much easier to grow your business.

5). Test Different Marketing And Ad Strategies

Just about all businesses are one marketing or ad idea away from explosive growth. However, you will not find that perfect strategy unless you are testing all of the time. That’s why it is important to test often. The more you test, the most likely you are to find the ad campaign or the marketing strategy that will deliver the best return on investment. Thanks to online advertising, you don’t have to spend thousands on radio ads or billboards. You can test slowly with a $50 a day ad campaign on Facebook or Google. Facebook and Google even allow you to split test different ads and campaigns to get quicker results.

You can also use tools like the percent increase calculator to work out just how well your campaign is growing in percentage terms. If you don’t see good results, then you can shut off the campaign after a week. If you see great results, you can slowly scale up the campaign.

Getting Your Business To The Top

You can take your business to the next level by making a customer or client wish list, hiring a team to manage to handle your IT, poaching talent from the competition, modeling more successful competitors, and testing new marketing & ad strategies. Try one or more of these approaches today. You are one strategy away from growing your business to new heights.