Knowing whether you should move home or not isn’t always an easy decision. You can see the obvious pros, but you also worry about the cons. The choice paralyzes you and you wind up stuck in the mud, unable to move. 

In this situation, you might just assume you’re stuck, and there’s not a great deal you can do about the situation. People on the fence just have to put up with the discomfort. 

But modern psychology and science might have an answer., 

Researchers have been looking into the issue of what people should do when they can’t make their minds up about a significant life decision. The aim is to offer people practical advice that they can use to push through major life changes and act decisively in one direction, or the other. 

People Are Usually Happier After Changing The Status Quo

Investigators probing the issue have been asking some interesting questions. What they want to find out is whether people who do something radically different are happier than those who stick with the status quo, be it moving house or anything else. 

Almost invariably, they discover that those who are the happiest are those who took the chance to do something different. Whether their circumstances are any better doesn’t seem to matter a great deal. The defining factor appears to be whether they dealt with the mystery. 

Think about it this way: the person who stays in the same location never gets to find out whether they want to live somewhere else. They don’t have the chance to indulge their curiosity. Instead, they’re stuck wondering what could have been. And that’s enough to give anyone nightmares. Who wants to live with regrets? 

Moving Is Easier Than You Imagine

The practicalities of moving home are also much more comfortable than in the past. 

For starters, you can outsource practically everything, including the very act of pushing through the sale itself. Estate agents, property agents, advertising companies and third-party websites all do the lion’s share of the work. There’s very little you have to do personally. 

Plus, you can flog your property, even in any condition, if you sell it to a home-buying company. These guys sweep in with cash upfront, avoiding all the usual hassle, like organizing viewing. 

You can also make use of self-storage at third-party sites. Options like these give you the freedom to move how and when you like, without any of the usual hassles. 

The Bottom Line

So what’s going on here? 

It turns out that the reason most of us don’t move is purely psychological. Often, we will stick with the status quo, even if we’re unhappy because it is familiar to us.

But failing to move on from where we are now can lead to long-term pain and missed opportunities. Science says that when we take the plunge, we feel happier. So the current state-of-the-art advice is just to move and to heck with the consequences. If you have the urge and its gnawing away at you, act on it.