There are so many different aspects to a typical week in your life and you wouldn’t be alone if you felt you were always racing against the clock and feeling that there are never enough hours in the day.

Finding a job that you love doing, such as training for NLP Practitioner certification, for example, can often feel like you are not doing work at all, which is a great starting point to helping you achieve that elusive perfect work-life balance.

Here are some pointers to help you get to that point in your life.

Assess your working life

A good way of measuring whether your work arrangements are right for you is gauging whether the amount of emotional time and energy you expend on doing your job feels justified in relation to what you get paid and what you feel you get out of the job.

Do you love your routine?

Another valid question to ask would be whether you find your daily routine to be fairly uninspiring and mundane.

If there is too much predictability in your routine it could help you feel like your restoring a better balance by introducing more variety.

Breaking it down

A good exercise to do would be to make a list of all of the key things that you do each week on a professional and personal basis.

Break down these elements into what you enjoy and what you want to change in order to see if there is balance, or not.

Good energy levels

If your work-life balance is not good it can often lead to a decline in your fitness levels.

Feeling fit and well gives you greater energy and levels of enthusiasm. Assess your fitness and try to adjust your week to make time for some exercise, at a level that you are comfortable with.

Take back control

To a certain extent, the more control you have in your life the better it can for feeling that you have the balance about right.

If you can organize your work and personal life so that you are in control of your daily schedule that will be a positive step in the right direction.

Good company

Surrounding yourself with good friends and work colleagues you can trust will also allow you to feel that you have a good balance.


Another key aspect of feeling like you have a good work-life balance is to enjoy the comfort that comes with being financially and emotionally secure.

Seek out ways to achieve that aim.

Setting work boundaries

If you are lucky enough to feel that that you really enjoy your job and are fully engaged with your work commitments this creates the danger that you might blur the lines between your work and personal life.

Too much work, even if you love it, can lead to levels of stress and anxiety, so set some manageable boundaries.

Spot the signs

There are some classic symptoms associated with a poor work-life balance such as stress, anxiety, and a poor sleep pattern.

Be honest with yourself and if you have these symptoms try to make the necessary adjustments.

Take a break

Last but not least, make sure you take regular breaks from work and plan some vacations if you want to ensure that you enjoy a good work-life balance.

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