Unless you have previous design experience, you may not realize how important graphic design is when you first start a new business. You may devote all of your time to products and services, as well as marketing, and give very little thought to any of the design work. You may be guilty of thinking that you can get by with just a quickly drawn up logo until your business has started to grow. 

You’d be wrong. Graphic design is fundamental. The designs that you use can be what sets your business apart and gets it noticed. In the early days, making a good impression is crucial, if you want your business to last. Let’s take a look at some for the ways that graphic design is important, and why getting it right with practical graphic design steps if essential to your success. 

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is so much more than a logo on your website, social media feeds and business cards. Other elements of graphic design include branding, web design, UX design, packaging design, 3D graphics work and art direction. The kind of design work that you need will depend on the nature of your business, but they all work towards the same goals. 

Colors palette

Branding and Recognition

A huge benefit of graphic design is that it’s perhaps the most effective way to build a consistent and recognizable brand. With good design work, you can use different images, logos and materials, without losing brand cohesion. They’ll be recognizable across different platforms, and they’ll help people to remember your business. 

Increased Conversion

The short of it is people like things that look good. They are more likely to click on an ad online if it’s attractive and pleasing to the eye. They are more likely to respond to offline marketing materials if they look good. Quality graphic design will drive traffic to your business and increase conversion. 

Effective Communication

Good graphic design can also help you to communicate efficiently with your audience. Well designed materials, both on and offline, give clear messages. They make marketing materials easy to understand and a remember, and help you to spread your story easily. 

Graphic Design is an Easy Way to Appear More Professional

Often, what advertizes a business as new isn’t its products or services. It’s the graphics or photographs that they use. Quickly made, unclear graphics with bright, clashing colors and hard to read fonts make a business look unprofessional. A graphic designer can help your business to seem more professional and even experienced right from the beginning. 

Boost Engagement

Statistically, people are more likely to sign up to a form with an image. They are more likely to click through from an advert with picture or video, and they are more likely to engage with images online. Your business’s graphic design will boost engagement massively. 

Take Your Message Offline

Graphic design makes it easy to find cohesion between your on and offline marketing campaigns and materials. You’ll be able to effectively communicate the same messages offline, giving your business more income and marketing streams.