How to Find The Best Fridge for Your Family

Getting the right refrigerator for your clan can make food access and preparation a lot simpler. For example, if your kids are old enough to get their own snacks, extra drawer space at a useful height can be helpful. Water and ice in the door can speed up things like setting the table or grabbing a glass of water at other points in the day.

Go With A Strong Brand

If you have water run to your refrigerator and want ice and water in the door, be sure to get a well-known brand. Stock up on a supply of fridge filters to keep the water pure and change the filter as suggested by the manufacturer.

Simple design changes can make your filters unique to the year of your product purchase, and if you get an odd brand of refrigerator you may not be able to get the right filters. Over time, this can lead to mineral buildup in the lines and damage your refrigerator.

Height Considerations

For many homeowners, a freezer on top design is ideal and will suit all users. However, if you’re tall, you may be happier with the freezer on the bottom. A large pullout drawer freezer with baskets for easy separation can make finding things in your freezer much easier.

If your children can’t easily reach the water dispenser, be ready to keep a step stool nearby. Not only can a misaligned cup make a mess in your kitchen, but you don’t want your child to catch an ice cube in the face while determinedly working to get their own drink.


A handle-free refrigerator can actually look very sleek when set into a wall of cabinets. If you choose to go with a handle-free refrigerator, carefully review your finish options and look for a product that won’t collect fingerprints. You might be happier with a pebbled or brushed finish to keep your refrigerator looking sleek and smooth.

Additionally, if you have pets, you might want to consider

  • a locking feature on the water and ice dispenser
  • never storing a towel in the handle of your refrigerator, and
  • just keeping your pets out of the kitchen.

A large dog who figures out that they can get water out of the door of your refrigerator can cause a remarkable mess in your kitchen and no small amount of damage to the door of your refrigerator. Once they figure this out, they probably won’t forget it, so try to stop this before it starts. If you can’t lock the feature, consider putting a cover over it or putting something in front of the refrigerator to keep the dog away from the door.

Smaller dogs can tug on the towel in the door and open the refrigerator. Once it’s open, your pets may enjoy a full day of knocking things to the floor and feasting. If you’ve ever had a dog tear up a trash bag, you will know you don’t want them in your refrigerator.

Smart Technology

A smart refrigerator can do much more than helping you with your grocery list, though that’s quite a bonus! In addition, your smart refrigerator can help you manage food-related tasks, such as

  • finding recipes and reading them to you as you cook
  • tracking expiration dates on food
  • looking inside the refrigerator without having to open it

This technology goes further, however. Your new smart refrigerator can help you to manage family schedules and share messages. For example, you can share photos, track upcoming notes from your calendar, create profiles for each family member, and manage their to-do lists, and it will let you know when the fridge filters need to be changed.

Imagine never having to play “find that odor” in the refrigerator again. A smart fridge that lets you know when items are close to their use-by date can actually help you manage your grocery budget more effectively.

Your refrigerator used to just keep food cold. The next one can do a lot more for you and your family. If you’re ready to replace your current fridge and are ready for a bit more help, check out a smart refrigerator. Look for a matte finish, stock up on filters, and find out how to lock the water dispenser.

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