A business is really only as good as those putting in the work in the engine room. Sure, the one steering the ship needs to be able to dictate things, but the hard yards are what separates good from great. The performance of a company’s employees really does tend to dictate where a business goes, and how long it takes to get there. That said, they really should be kept in a good place mentally. 

As a business owner, you should show your staff members that they are valued members. The last thing you’d want to do is turn up for work, put in a hard shift, and feel like you’re just another pawn on a chessboard. Of course, a business has to show that a customer is of great value, but those working for the business also need to be given the time, love, and respect they deserve.

If you’re a business owner (or an aspiring one), then you’ll need to have appropriate leadership skills and empathy in order to show your staff that they’re valuable and important. Here are a few things you can do in order to do so:

Recognize Their Achievements

When somebody does something of note, they like to be recognized for it. Sure, when it’s a quiet, charitable deed, for example, it’s okay to stay silent, but professional, working tasks are a little different. Imagine you complete a job that was horribly tedious and difficult to get through, only to get absolutely no recognition for it. You’d feel terrible, right? All that hard work and nobody cared? Yes, you don’t always need validation, but being backed up by someone you like or respect can go a long way. Think about this as a boss and someone on the other side.

Reward Them

This obviously doesn’t mean you should give them little rewards and treats every time they do something positive – they’ll not puppies! You should focus on recognizing when they’ve done something good, however – as we’ve just mentioned. Whether it’s holiday gifts for employees find them here or a financial bonus, they’ll feel valued as you’ve thought about them and taken time out of your day to give them something.

Realize That They’re Not Robots

This should be an easy one, but you’d be surprised at the number of successful business owners that are self-obsessed and ignorant of their staff’s feelings. It’s strange how selfish some people can be. Your employees have lives and problems of their own – do NOT treat them as though they’re pawns in your little game. If they need something and it’s imperative that they get it done, then consider their feelings, for goodness sake.  

Be Genuine With Them 

Show them the respect they deserve and be honest. Don’t fake your feelings because they’ll be able to see right through them. Actually taking in interest in what they have to say is a common, basic courtesy, but it’s an interpersonal skill that you NEED to have. Again, don’t be an arrogant, selfish tyrant. 

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