Being a single mother is hard. That’s why it’s super important to show the single mom in your life how much you care about her on her special days. Whether it’s her birthday, her child’s birthday, Christmas, or just a random Tuesday, it’s nice to show a single mom appreciation with a gift. If you don’t know what to get her, we have the best suggestions for you. Here are some gifts perfect for single mothers in your life.

Gifts for the Kids

Many moms don’t want anything for themselves. Some of them would prefer you to make sure the kids have toys and fun experiences. Any mom will tell you that if you give their child a gift, it’s the same as giving them a gift. That being said, it’s nice for mom to be spoiled sometimes as well.

Cute, Comfortable Clothes

Many moms have a closet full of clothes that they used to wear to parties and clubs. Nowadays, she won’t be wearing a cocktail dress and heels to a party. However, that doesn’t mean she wants to look ragged. Give her the gift of style with some attractive clothes that she can still wear to the park or the arcade. Athleisure is big for a reason! Find out what kind of style she wants more of in her life, and then give her exactly what she wants. 


Moms have to make dinner for their children Every. Single. Night. That’s a lot of dinners. Give her a break one night by taking the crew out to a restaurant or bringing pizza over. If you bring paper plates and cups that don’t need to be washed after dinner, even better.


Who doesn’t love something sweet every now and then? Well, many moms end up having to leave the candy for the kids instead of enjoying it themselves. Get them some yummy chocolates that they don’t have to share with any little people.

Spa Day

Being a mom can make you lose your grove. You are suddenly stuck doing laundry and trying to get any sleep possible instead of keeping up with their beauty routine. Help them out by taking them to a spa day. They can get a facial or a mani/pedi. They may even get a massage to help relieve their tension.


Single moms don’t always have a ton of time on their hands. It can be hard to take care of their kids while also being able to enjoy the time spent with them. That’s why surprising them with newborn photography is such a good idea! The free pictures give them a chance to enjoy the present time with their child while providing them with a  fond memory to look bacon on. 


Another fun part of this gift can be the break it gives the single mom. According to Silver Bee photography, an Austin newborn photography provider, oftentimes parents will enjoy pictures because it gives them to relax and take a nap in the studio! Not to mention, the photos also give them a chance to treasure the memories of their baby, once that baby grows up. 


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Single moms feel the same. Get her a bracelet, necklace, or ring. It doesn’t necessarily need to be something super expensive. Just make sure it’s good enough quality not to change the color of her skin green. Consider getting the names of her children engraved in the jewelry somewhere to show her you know what means the most in her life.


Being a single mom can drive a woman to drink. Show some understanding by getting her a bottle of wine. A glass of wine at the end of the day can really help her relax and get her mind together to do it all over again tomorrow.


Children are expensive. It’s especially difficult when someone is left to do it all on her own. Get to the point and get the single mom in your life truly needs- some cold, hard cash. She can use it for food, doctor co-pays, and fun times with the family.

Babysitting Services

As a single mom, she has to watch her kids every single night. She can’t go out and do normal adult things. Give her a night off by offering to watch the kids for a night. The mom can go out or just spend the night to herself.


Being a single mom is hard. Every single mom needs help from her friends and family to be the best mom possible. It can be hard to ask for help, though. Do what you can by offering your help in the form of these gifts. The gifts will be greatly appreciated.