One of the messiest – and hidden – spaces in the house is the garage. You shut that internal door, and the whole thing looks excellent purely because you cannot see it anymore. The garage is the family dumping ground: it’s where the leftover “stuff” that doesn’t have a home inside the house but still needs to be kept goes. It’s the space that is filled with those boxes you said you were going to put in storage – three years ago.

The good news? There’s no reason that the garage you have cannot be as wonderfully decorated as the rest of the home. Just because it’s a mess right now doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way. Your garage may not be overly cluttered at all; perhaps yours is just a garage. Concrete floors, brick walls and a car – somewhat dull, but functional nonetheless. So, how can you get your garage looking as good as the rest of the house? Let’s take a look at six upgrades you could make right now to get you started.

  • That Interior Door

Do you know the one that connects your garage to your house? That one needs an update. It doesn’t get as much attention compared to the constant opening and closing of the garage door, but you can refresh yours with a lick of paint and a new door handle. Your interior door is likely to have air leaks under them from the cold air in the garage, so add a door brush at the bottom to plug the leak and protect the house.

  • That Exterior Door

The exterior garage door sees far more action than the interior, so you’ll likely be needing garage door installation to replace the one that you have on the outside. You want to make a good impression, so change the door out so that you can make it match the rest of the house in terms of the color scheme. 

  • That Garage Floor

Garage flooring is always concrete (well, for 95% of garages!) and you can have a classy upgrade by changing the floor. You can use a completely different coating for your garage floor, making it a much cleaner and more attractive place to be.

  • That Clutter

Those dilapidated boxes cannot last any longer against the exposed brick wall. So, get them unpacked onto overhead storage units or shelving along the wall. You don’t have to have too many, but the clutter needs to be sorted; your stuff needs to go and live somewhere else! 

  • That Empty Wall

Speaking of shelves, you can buy cabinets for your garage that hold your belongings and also keep your tools. If you don’t have an outdoor tool shed, you can use cabinets along the walls of the garage for all car-related items.

  • That Lack Of Insulation

Garages are usually cold places to be, so you need to think about insulation for your garage as you won’t have any heating. You’ll save money on your energy when you think about putting insulation in the garage!