Insurance premiums are the sums of money that homeowners, individuals or businesses pay to have an insurance policy. They are usually added on to policies that cover people for health care, cars, homes, and life. 

This premium is considered as an income for the insurance company. It’s also a liability for them in the event that they must pay out when claims are made against the policy. Not paying your premium can sometimes result in your policy being canceled. 

Insurance premiums explained

Policyholders with insurance policies can choose from a range of different options to pay their insurance premiums. There are some insurers who allow the policyholder to pay it in installments, while others may require the premium to be paid in full before they’ll cover you. 

Sometimes, there are additional fees that are payable to the insurer alongside the premium. This will depend on the type of coverage you want, your age, where you live and how many claims you’ve filed in the past. 

The greater the risk there is associated, the more expensive the policy might be. In terms of health insurance, this could be affected by your age and your current health. If you need home protection then factors such as the area you live, crime rates there, and whether it is prone to flooding or other natural disasters will need to be taken into account too. 

Are there any special considerations with insurance premiums?

Of course, it goes without saying that people looking for home insurance need to shop around and get the best deal for their money. Using comparison sites is one way, asking friends and family for recommendations is another. 

Some sites will allow uninsured customers who are interested in using their services to register with them for help and advice. You’ll need to give some very basic details and then choose from a wide range of options to suit your home and your needs. A policy and premium will be calculated based on the information you’ve been given. 

Another option is to contact an insurance broker or agent who will work with a variety of different companies and aim to get you the best deal, without you having to do any of the hard work. A word of caution here is to be wary of some brokers who may be working on commission and may, therefore, not always point you towards the most cost-effective premium and policy for you. It’s always wise to check out any information you’re given before you go ahead. 

What are premiums used for? 

Insurance companies use premiums to cover any liabilities with the policies that they underwrite. This is to help keep their prices sustainable and workable in what is often an incredibly competitive market. They then go on to invest these premiums in assets that have varying returns, but that will always have a certain level of liquidity. Insurance regulators are responsible for setting the number or amount of liquid assets that are required for insurers to be able to continue to pay out claims when they arise.

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