Looking and feeling amazing in photographs we have of ourselves often comes down to the outfit we are wearing. So, choosing what to wear in order to ensure that you photograph well is an important part of the process.


If you are getting ready to have photos taken, use these tips from some of the best Los Angeles photographers in order to help you pick something that photographs well.


Pick a Cohesive Color Palette


Oftentimes color is the major factor in how well we photograph, because color has the ability to change both your appearance and the feel of a photo. Pick a cohesive color palette that will both express your personal style, but also blend well with a variety of backgrounds.


Whether you prefer neutral tones or bright, bold colors, your color palette should complement you first and foremost, and then match well with those things that are around you during a photo shoot. Pick a few locations ahead of time or decide on a backdrop so that you can best choose the outfit prior to the day you take photos.


Refer to the handy color wheel in order to select outfit colors and create a palette that coordinates best with your background location.


Fall Back on Favorite Pieces


Most of us want to run out and buy a new outfit when we know we are going to have our photos taken, but it is actually better to fall back on favorite pieces already in your closet. A go to outfit will leave you feeling comfortable, confident, and reflects your personal style. The right pieces that you already love can be the perfect outfit to photograph yourself in.


Throw In A Pop of Color


The best way to make a statement in your outfit choice can be a small piece that adds a pop of color. An entire statement outfit can sometimes overwhelm, but a pop of color can create attention without drawing it entirely away from you.


Feature Your Assets


If there is a part of your body or asset you love, choose an outfit that accentuates that. We look best when we are confident in what we look like and wear, so feature those things that you are already confident about.


There is so much that goes into choosing an outfit that photographs well, but these are the biggest factors that can make or break a photo shoot.