Thanks to technological advances as well as more businesses and freelancers offering outsourcing services, it is now more viable than ever to outsource certain business operations. Outsourcing accounts payable in particular has many benefits for a business, but the advantages must be weighed against the disadvantages. A company’s individual need is also a critical factor. Here is what every company needs to know about outsourced billing.

It Can Cut Costs

One of the biggest reasons companies make the decision to outsource various operations is because it cuts down on costs. It is often much cheaper to hire a freelancer or dedicated outside firm than it is to hire in-house employees to do the work, especially if that work requires highly specialized knowledge. This solution also helps save money by freeing up other employees, especially receptionists, to focus more attention on other work and therefore be more productive. When thinking about hiring an outsourced billing service, consider what it will cost in comparison to how much you might save by letting them do the work.

It Can Improve Cash Flow

When your own employees are in charge of billing, it often becomes much easier to lose, overlook or delay invoices. If this happens often enough or at the wrong time, your company could run into a serious cash-flow problem, where you are not getting paid quickly enough by clients in order to cover your expenses. Outsourcing this function to a service that is solely dedicated to it can make this process more streamlined and get you your money faster. Clients are also likely to appreciate a faster, easier and more efficient way to pay.

It Can Prevent Errors

Hiring a service to outsource your billing may also help prevent errors on invoices. This is especially true when outsourcing medical billing, where coding is complex and important to get right. With patients growing more concerned and conscientious about medical costs, they are more likely to be confused and angry if a mistake is made on their medical billing invoice. Avoiding this situation improves your relationship with your clients, safeguards your professional image and eliminates the need to go back and forth over a bill. For other types of businesses, it can be a gamble, as an outside organization handling your invoices might not have as strong an understanding of the services you offer and how you might bill for them in an odd circumstance. You give up a lot of control, but that may or may not be an issue.

You Need To Find A Trustworthy And Reliable Service

While hiring an outside service to handle a particular task at your company has many benefits, you want to make sure you are paired with one that matches your needs and will do quality work. Customer service is an incredibly important aspect of your marketing, branding and customer retention, so you must be reasonably confident that any company to which you outsource work meets your standards. You can do this by doing research into your options, asking for recommendations from other businesses or professionals, utilizing any available free trials and conducting in-depth interviews with services you are considering. You want a service that will work quickly, not make errors, provide top-notch customer service if clients will need to contact them, and will work in tandem with your team to support your business operations.

Privacy And Security Concerns

It is valid to be especially concerned with privacy and security, especially if your bills will contain any kind of sensitive, personal information. Quality companies that process outsourced billing will have a commitment to your data security and measures in place to keep it safe. Companies that handle medical data should meet all HIPPA and other relevant requirements for data security. Before selecting any service for outsourced billing you should ask about their policies and the encryption they use to properly shield not only your company’s information but that of your customers as well.


There is a lot your company needs to know and consider about outsourced billing. It can be an excellent solution in the right circumstances, but whether it is the best choice will ultimately depend on your situation and the needs of your business. Once you understand most of the key aspects, you can make the best decision.