With a good action plan in place, you can build a landscape that does what it should do and remains sturdy for years. Your yard is just as important a part of your home as any other part. If you take the time to design a pleasant landscape as you are building a beautiful house, you will be sure to enjoy your yard that much more. Here are 5 tips to landscape your new home.

Plant New Trees

Build a miniature grove to decorate your front or backyard and create a large area of shade. List the types of tree species that will work for your home. Previous homeowners know that some trees get very messy in the fall when their leaves shed. These shedding trees are called deciduous trees, such as pine, oak and birch trees, while evergreen trees do not shed. Trees that grow too big will block the windows or grow roots that interfere with the underground plumbing. Overall, plant trees that are the right size and can be maintained properly.

Plant New Plants

There are nearly half a million different plant species to consider planting into your yard. You need plants that are native to your geographic location. Foreign plants will not tolerate the local weather well and may die off too quickly. Review a list of bushes, shrubs, vines and fruit-bearing or flowering plants to add to your landscape. Most importantly, focus on building a healthy, attractive lawn. Buying artificial turf is one solution or you can work on growing greener, healthier grass.

Add a Privacy Fence

Add a fence to increase the amount of privacy on your property. Some people have small picket fences around their gardens, while others have large, stone, gated fences to prevent access to their front yards. The fence boards can be made of any sturdy, long-lasting material like wood, stone, metal or barbed wire, and appear in any size, shape or color.

Install Efficient Lighting

People tend to forget about the importance of efficient lighting for your landscape. They don’t realize the problem until they have to continue replacing the light bulb on the front or back patio. Even then, they think it’s normal to make dozens of replacements over a few years. At the start of building a new home, install energy-efficient lights to avoid having to worry about bulbs that overheat or burn out and require constant replacements.

Prevent Leaks and Water Damages

Build a home that is specially designed to prevent water leaks and damages. Over the years, check for leaks around major water sources, such as the pool, gutter, water hose or sprinkler system. Water damage rots wood, stains walls and causes all kinds of unsightly problems for your yard.

The work of building a dream landscape for a new home is challenging at first. You want to do the work right to first time to avoid getting one expensive renovation after another. Once you build the ideal landscape, invest in preventative maintenance to avoid spending tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.