There are a surprising number of people that aren’t happy in their current workplace. A study conducted by office suppliers Viking highlighted that 43% of people experience an unpleasant level of pressure to succeed every week, while 4 in 10 people would consider leaving their employment based on annoyance at work. 

No business wants unhappy employees. It’s not just productivity that suffers, but also company reputation too as no one wants to work for an organization that doesn’t care about its staff. 

Taking staff wellbeing seriously is essential to ensure a happy and efficient working environment. Take a look at ways you can incorporate simple things to ensure workers don’t feel undervalued. 

Be flexible

Flexible working is something employees value highly. This could be in the form of flexible work shifts, remote working, and shorter working weeks. Giving people more choice allows them to take responsibility for their actions and success. If an employee feels they are tied to their desk from 9-5, productivity can slip. However, accommodating some flexibility can make individuals feel you trust their judgment on work hours and workflow to ensure a positive outcome. 

Take mental health issues seriously

Stress is one of the most significant factors when it comes to employees taking time off of work. The pressure in some working environments is immense, and unsupportive management techniques can leave workers feeling deflated and unmotivated. Mental health training is an area organizations need to consider going forward. The number of employees bringing cases about employers due to unfair treatment of mental conditions is on the rise, and the lack of knowledge about these issues in-house is raising concern. Ensuring you invest in mental health support for employees will cost far less than running into legal problems. Otherwise, you may need to work out the average settlement for workers compensation to see what you could be liable for. 

Create a good working environment

As people spend a lot of time at work, creating a safe and happy place for everyone to enjoy while they’re in it is vital. Simple aspects to consider is a canteen for people to eat away from their desks or an outside space so that everyone can enjoy the sunshine on their lunch break. The best way to get the right balance and to make it fair to everyone is to ask your employees. Of course, you may experience some unrealistic responses; however, overall, you’ll find out what makes people tick. Thinking about what’s on the walls is another easy way to create a better atmosphere. How can you expect your employees to be inspired when they sit and look at whitewashed walls and dreary décor all day every day! Think about colors that make people feel good and spark the imagination. Also, use plants to add natural vibrancy in the room, plus they’re also beneficial for health too. 

Not taking care of your employees can come at a cost, but taking small steps to change attitudes, you’ll reap the rewards of a positive and motivated workforce.  

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