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Most of us have heard about bladder leakage in women, however, many of us are completely misinformed about the topic.

Bladder leakage has gained a negative reputation, causing women who experience this problem to feel ashamed and embarrassed by their bodies.

As a result, a campaign known as “Underwareness” has been created. Aside from giving women the confidence back that they have lost, Underwareness has also given a platform to the companies selling bladder leakage products.

So, how does Underwareness use the platform to sell products for bladder leakage?

Keep reading to learn more about the Underwareness campaign, as well as their marketing strategy!

What Is Underwareness?

Underwareness is a campaign to stop the embarrassment that bladder leakage brings for women of all ages.

Whether through age, childbirth, or other factors, many women experience bladder leakage that interferes with their every day lives. Once you have children, your bladder walls will weaken, which can trigger bladder leakage with a cough or a sneeze.

There’s a stigma surrounding this issue that only older women experience bladder leakage, which is very far from the truth. In fact, more women who are in their 20’s experience bladder leakage than women in their 80’s.

Women everywhere are suffering from embarrassment with bladder leakage to a point where they don’t even want to leave the house. The Underwareness campaign is to stop the embarrassment women feel from this common problem by bringing awareness to it.

What Is the Marketing Strategy Behind Underwareness?

One effective marketing strategy that the Underwareness campaign uses is donating for spreading the word about Depend’s products.

When women share pictures using #Underwareness, the company will donate $1 to support research for bladder leakage. Up to $3 million can be donated to this cause with this strategy. 

Not only does spreading the word about Underwareness benefit research efforts, but it helps women feel like they aren’t alone. A community of women has been created with this mobile marketing strategy, which makes women feel more comfortable treating their problem.

Women who were once finding unconventional ways to treat their bladder leakage are now feeling more comfortable buying the products they need as they support others struggling with this problem.

A huge part of this campaign is to show women that wearing underwear that helps their bladder leakage isn’t a big deal. By showing average, everyday women wearing the product, women understand how common this problem actually is and that they shouldn’t be ashamed.

Last but not least, free samples are being offered to women who join the Underwareness campaign. This is an awesome way for women to see if the product works for them before splurging on a pack (because let’s be honest, feminine products are really expensive!) 

Using a Community to Market Necessary Products

Underwareness has created a community around the issue of bladder leakage.

Underwareness has also helped remove the stigma that surrounds bladder leakage while offering women the products they need.

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