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When our children are little, buying gifts for them is easy. However, when they become teenagers, finding the perfect gift for your son or daughter can be much more challenging.

One of the areas where you can’t go wrong in buying a gift for your teenager is technology. Unlike Boomers, Gen Z is familiar with all the latest technology and trendy gadgets. They’ve grown up with the internet, Facebook, iPhones, and free Wi-Fi at Starbucks. Studies also show that these tech-savvy Gen Z consumers account for between $29 and $143 billion in direct spending. While all these Gen Z consumers don’t have the disposable income to make these billions of purchases, their parents buy the items for them.

Even if they are not buying a gift for their child, according to a Cassandra Report, ninety-three percent of parents admit their children influence the purchases they make for their family and household. So, what type of gift can you get to surprise your Gen Z teenaged son or daughter? Here are five gift ideas we believe any teenager would love to receive.

1. Apple Watch

The Apple 5 Series watches are colorful and stylish. These watches are not just for telling time. Use them as a compass or a heart monitor. You can set fitness goals and track your fitness activities. These watches are also capable of streaming songs, making Apple Pay purchases, and making phone calls. The fact that they are customizable is an attractive feature for Gen Z teens desiring to define their own style by choosing the style, size, and band type.

2. Air Pods

Apple AirPods are a set of in-ear headphones that’s very cool and trendy. They produce excellent sound quality for the listener’s musical enjoyment. 

The new Airpods Pro offers a customizable fit, an active noise cancellation feature, and sweat and water-resistant for non-water sports and exercise. By simply pressing on the force sensor on the stem, you can switch to the transparency mode to listen to outside sounds. AirPods have wireless capabilities and can last up to 24 hours.

3. Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers turn the cell phone you use every day into a stereo sound system. With Bluetooth speaker’s connection, your teen can enjoy hours of amplified music from their smartphone or tablet. Link more than one speaker together to cover a larger area. 

The sound quality of Bluetooth speakers is crisp and robust. The batteries can last up to 12 hours. Your teenager will be the envy of their friends with these speakers.

4. Cell Phone Charge Bank

Teenagers are always on the go. Like many of us, they may not always have time to charge their cell phones before they leave home. If their phone is charged, they may stay out longer than expected and end up with a dead phone. A thoughtful and practical gift would be a cell phone charge bank. Numerous brands of phone charge banks are available to provide hours of extra battery life to your teenager’s phone.

5. Icover

Along with their new cellular phone, your teen would love to show it off with a customizable Icover iPhone case. With custom phone cases, you can place your teen’s name, list a special place, or write a phrase that has special meaning on the outside of these custom phone cases. The text is entirely customizable, allowing you to adjust the font, color, and text direction around the phone ring holder.

Choose any of these gift ideas, or all of them, to make an excellent surprise gift for your Gen Z teenage son or daughter.