A lot of people want to perform good deeds, but they consider it a lot of hard work and simply don’t have the time for it. Whether it’s volunteering at a local shelter or even helping a recruit in your workplace, doing a good deed takes time and we don’t always have enough to spare.

Luckily, there are plenty of good deeds that you can perform in around a minute or less.

1. Pay for your colleague

Whether it’s a coffee, their lunch or their entry fee to an event, consider doing a good deed by offering to pay for them and without expecting anything back. In some cases, this good deed is just plain convenient since you don’t need to queue twice at a store!

2. Give an encouraging comment on social media

Let’s face it, we all love to browse social media but a lot of us typically don’t respond to things that we see. However, if you notice that someone is having a rough day or experiencing some misfortune, go ahead and give them an encouraging comment to lift their spirits up.

3. Donate to charity

Donating to charity doesn’t take long at all. In some cases, you can even set it up to automatically round up your purchases and donate it to a charity of your choice. Consider looking around for different charities such as https://www.tprf.org/ to see where you can put your money towards.

4. Buy your family a snack on the way home

When you’re on your way home, why not make a detour into a store to pick up some snacks or something nice to eat? It could be a cake, some donuts or even just a coffee.

5. Pick up some trash and bin it

It doesn’t take long to just bend down and pick up a can that you see on the floor and throw it into the recycling bin. It’s a simple gesture to help clean up the environment and makes you feel better about yourself.

6. Say thanks and give a smile

Being positive helps to make someone else’s day better, and it doesn’t take much effort to show a smile and give warm thanks.

7. Ask someone about their day

If you notice a family member, friend or colleague having a bad day, go ahead and ask them what’s up. Listen to them and give them some of your time–they’ll appreciate it.

8. Return a question with a proper answer

Whether it’s your child bothering you about driving tips or a colleague asking the same question for the 10th time, try not to sound too annoyed or frustrated. Put on a smile and give them the answer they’re looking for–without any snide comments or a long sigh!

Doing a good deed doesn’t need to take up a lot of time or effort. In fact, it’s something you can achieve in just a couple of seconds. So if you’re looking for a way to contribute to the world and make it a better place, consider a couple of these good deeds.

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