Long ago, free-range parenting methods were used by many families, but today, fewer parents are selecting this form of parenting. This parenting technique permits a child to make more decisions without having constant supervision from a parent, but this technique has pros and cons. Here are some of the good things and the bad things about free-range parenting.

Children Are More Likely to Go Outside More with Free-range Parenting

When children can choose their own activities without needing adult supervision, they are more likely to go outside to play. Parents often don’t have time to spend outside with their children, especially when there are multiple children to care for inside a home. With free-range parenting, an older child can walk to the park or ride a bicycle while a parent stays inside a home to prepare meals or clean the house.

Free-range Children Risk Dangerous Abductions

One of the major risks of free-range parenting is child abductions. There are criminals who prey on children who are unsupervised by adults. While a parent may tell a child to stay away from a stranger, if there are multiple criminals in a neighborhood, then they can work together to abduct a child. In suburban areas, the homes are often located far apart, making it the perfect place for a pedophile to search for an unsupervised child.

Your Child Is More Likely to Incur an Injury

You may need to hire a personal injury lawyer if a child is bit by a dog while playing outside without supervision. If your children are rushed to an emergency room after being injured, the dog owners would still be at fault. Laws in every state are different. Places like Utah have passed laws protecting parents so that they won’t be afraid of negligence for knowing the maturity levels of their own children. Just like with adults, accidents can happen.

A Child Is Likely to Have Higher Self-confidence

At some point, you will want to use free-range parenting methods for your child so that a son or daughter will have more independence during their teenage years. With free-range parenting techniques, you can help a child to develop higher self-confidence gradually so that an older daughter or son will make the proper choices in certain situations.

Last, it is important to know the regulations in your area for leaving children unsupervised. Some regions have guidelines for the supervision of children who are particular ages. Failing to follow the laws in your area can lead to charges of neglect and losing custody of your children.