Did you know in 2018, e-commerce collected 14.3% of all retail sales? By marketing online, you can increase your revenue and expand your business.

With this guide, you can learn about online marketing services. From establishing authority to creating a target audience, digital marketing can help you. Now let’s take a look at why you need to market online:

Why Online Marketing Matters 

Online marketing is crucial, especially if you want to grow your business. Here are four reasons why it’s so important:   

  • Customizes Your Audience Experience
  • Drives Traffic 
  • Increases Visibility 
  • Creates Two-Way Communication  

Why You Need Online Marketing Services 

Online marketing allows companies to reach consumers directly and spread a message about their brand through mobile apps. If you keep these reasons in mind, you’ll want to utilize digital marketing more frequently.

Mobile Access

Most consumers use their smartphone rather than any other device to research news, communicate, or to social network. Online marketing provides you with an opportunity to reach people while they’re on their phones. Whether it’s an ad on Instagram or Facebook, you can put yourself in front of your audience and spread awareness for your company.  


Establishing authority is essential when marketing online. By commenting on problems relating to your industry and suggesting ways to improve, you can instill trust.

When customers trust your company and furthermore the products, you supply they’re more likely to purchase from your company. That means you can increase your revenue with a few tweets and Facebook posts about your brand. By posting regularly, you can come off as an industry expert, and increase your business accordingly.


When marketing online, you can target a specific type of audience. Instead of reaching out to the entire internet, you can select a certain city or demographic you want to market to. Small businesses especially benefit from understanding their target audience and are likely to promote to them exclusively.    

Target audiences are difficult to pinpoint; however, you can narrow down by identifying their attitudes, beliefs, and pain sensitivities. You can also craft a generic audience profile by identifying their age, gender, ethnic background, and income status.


How you interact online can determine how your brand is perceived. For instance, if you always have a corporate tone to your tweets, it may lead consumers to think your brand is cold or uniform.

Instead of always taking a business-style approach, have fun with online campaigns. For example, if you sell a free conference call service, you can create an interactive ad that displays its best features. Consumers will be more likely to interact with your company if they feel they can relate to its products. 

Influencer Engagement  

Influencers have become an integral part of online marketing. With thousands of followers, they can raise awareness and promote your brand to customers that might not have heard of it before.  

In a recent study, it was shown that consumers are 74% more likely to choose products based on shared experiences online. That means not only do influencers raise brand awareness but they also indirectly increase sales. By demonstrating the product and explaining its features, consumers are more likely to purchase it due to their belief that it works.  

Final Thoughts

Online marketing can spread awareness about your brand and ultimately increase your sales. With more sales, you’ll see an increase in total revenue due to the company’s transparency. For more information on online marketing services, visit our blog. 

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