So if you’ve outgrown your current premises, you’ll now need to start searching for bigger and better offices that will be home for your company until the next expansion. There are a lot of considerations when it comes to your new location, starting with the actual site, obviously! But where do you start? Is it enough to have a bright, airy space, or will you need something more? Here are some excellent ideas and a great place to start. 


Obviously, if you’re a retail store, this point will be THE most significant point to start with. But otherwise there are many considerations for you to take into account, the further out of town you go the cheaper the rent, but this means you’re likely to have issues with staff traveling into work. Depending on your overall location, you will want to check what crime rates in the area look like if you have plenty of expensive equipment on site. Either that or is security included in the price of your rent? 


Once you’ve decided where you’re going to be located then you will want to consider the building/ unit itself, is there plenty of natural light, so your staff all have a great environment to work in? Is there enough space in the building and do all of the amenities suit your business needs? Sometimes you will want to have meetings with valuable clients, so do you have space to be able to section off areas for meetings? Some office blocks have to hire, which will make things a little cheaper and take up less overall space for you. Many managed buildings have options you may not have considered such as a receptionist, conference options and even mail management so if these are options, you’d like to be able to consider then make sure you add them to your ‘must-have’ list. 

Lease Or Purchase? 

Obviously, this will depend on your business, what stage in your business you are at, how much money you’re able to put into your new premises, and if you need to rent for now. If you are going to be signing a lease, will your new space be available for a long time or will you need to move on again in six months? Sometimes buildings are changed for further developments. You need to check your lease and ensure it’s going to be precisely what you need, some contracts are 5-10 years as well, with clauses that will cost you a lot of money if you leave early so make sure you’re covered in all eventualities, insurance and having a great legal team such as Van Sant Law, LLC will help make sure you’ve protected yourself if anything goes wrong as well! 


The space you will be taking needs to be accommodating so if you need a big open office for all of your staff, or if you need plenty of separate rooms for concentration then remember to add that to the list! Sometimes you need to impress clients with your premises as well so fancy decor and big windows, as well as premium hand wash will be a must. Are these things you will design for yourself, or will you expect this to all be laid out for you before you even sign on the dotted line? Think carefully and speak to your advisors to work out the best route for you. 


So you’ve made your list, you’ve worked out the perfect location, office size, shape and everything it needs to have, but where are you going to find this perfect place? Well, there are estate agents that deal with this sort of this regularly, if you search for commercial agents in the area you are hoping to settle in, then you will find some opportunities you wouldn’t see otherwise. Sometimes websites aren’t updated quickly enough, and it’s always great to find some insider knowledge, either through the agents or other business owners you know. Sometimes you can even speak to the locals and find a hidden gem, just keep your eyes and ears open and you’ll find the perfect place in no time at all! 

Obviously moving premises is a massive step for anyone, and making sure you are choosing the right place for you, your business and your staff is always going to be a challenge, but at the end of it all you will be happy, your team will be energized and hopefully the business will thrive once you’re settled.