When it comes to our jobs, these days we all want to make sure that our work fits in with our lives. Flexibility is absolutely key, which means that many people are looking for jobs that mean that they can work freelance – or that they can work from home. This might appeal to you for a number of reasons: maybe you spend some time looking after your kids, maybe you have elderly relatives that you care for, or maybe you live in an area where commuting to work would take a lot of time, expense and energy. No matter what your reasons are, here are some businesses that you could comfortably run from your home.

Massage Therapist

Training as a massage therapist is great for anyone who loves working with other people. Massage therapists need to understand human anatomy and to have qualified as a therapist to officially practice. You can set up a room in your home with a table and a calming atmosphere where you can work with clients to solve their aches and pains. This is a truly freelance job – you can work how much you want when you want.

Running A Funeral Home

If you’re a compassionate and organized person, running a funeral home could be something to look into. It’s a career that many people might not have automatically thought of, but the quest to have a good death is something that more and more of us are considering. As a society, we’re starting to treat death less as something that we can’t talk about, and more as something that can be beautiful in its own right. If you agree with that, running a funeral home may be for you. You can get funding from a company like BSF if you aren’t sure where to look. Funerals tend to be the hardest times in people’s lives – perhaps you could help make them a little easier.



If you love to cook, starting a home baking business could be ideal for you. Many people are the designated cake baker in their family, so why not go professional? You need to make sure that your kitchen adheres to certain hygiene standards and then you’re ready to go. Baking is perfect for people who are able to combine a methodical personality with creative flair. Why not create social media profiles to show off your grand cake designs? Make sure you use hashtags so that people find your cakes and follow you so that you can build up your own little online cake community, through which you will get plenty of customers.


There are few jobs that are more perfect for anyone who’s a stay at home parent and would like to make some extra money. Childcare and first aid qualifications are necessities, but once you’re done with those, you can advertise your services in your local neighborhood. Running a daycare from home is a great job for anyone with a lot of patience and – of course – a love of looking after kids. 

Working from home means that you can be flexible, combining your work and home lives – what’s not to love?

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