A healthy workforce is, at least, part of the way to being a happy workforce. It doesn’t complete the journey, of course. You still need to give them a competitive wage, decent benefits, a good distinction between work and life balance. However, it can often help them make the most of their careers and is the first step you should absolutely ensure.

Healthy people, to be defined by the usual metrics of health given by medical professionals, can work with more care, are more likely to create positive mutual bonds at work, are more able to deal with their stress and also stay at their current job. This means that while the positive experience of your staff should always be the priority and is worth achieving for that alone, it can also be a true financial incentive for you to manage.

But how can you encourage your staff to stay healthy without becoming tyrannical, or adding many different requirements to their life, which of course, you really have no right to dictate? Let us consider what this might look like:

Encourage Healthier Commutes

We would recommend incentivizing your staff to cycle or walk to work if possible. It’s especially important for long term health, and allows you to encourage exercise without giving them quotas or any of that intrusive behavior. Just ensure you are equipped. Ensure that staff have adequate storage facilities to secure personal items if you are asking them to arrive at your business without a car. Install a worthwhile bicycle shelter and apply worthwhile security practices to help people feel their property is protected. When you do this, a little exercise in the morning will also wake your staff up, allowing them to come into the office energized and a little happier than they might have been.

Consider Your Kitchen

Offer your staff worthwhile coffee. Invest in it so it’s high-quality and refined, leading to less caffeine crashes in the afternoon. Offer a range of herbal teas, which can often be high in antioxidants and help them stay hydrated. Do not offer sweet cakes and buns, but fresh fruit or morning oatmeal can be great for staff with morning routines. Keep your kitchen clean and tidy, because hygiene is always an essential part of health. This will foster a healthier company culture.

Promote The Gym

You might work out a deal with a local gym. If your staff can join and attend the gym a number of times a week, and can prove they have done so through a system (such as app registrations) you might be able to offer them higher bonuses, or perhaps better monetary incentives. You may be saving money in health insurance claims, so it can be important to encourage this. If you have the space, sometimes an office gym can be worth its weight in gold.

With this advice, we hope you can better encourage your staff to stay as healthy as possible. They deserve it.