First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes divorce if trust isn’t present. So long as trust is at the crux of your marriage, a lifetime of happiness awaits. No marriage is without strife, but if you find yourself looking up blogs for catching a cheater, the union between you and your spouse has already been compromised. Here’s some advice on how to build and maintain the most vital component of any relationship: trust.


Make Good on Your Promises


Unreliability begets untrustworthiness, so if you’ve vowed to do something or be somewhere, don’t renege on your word. If your spouse can count on you to honor your commitments, it bodes well for a harmonious relationship. However, feeding your counterpart half-truths and cover-ups will sully your partnership faster than you can say “I do.” with that said, put a premium on reliability if you wish to avoid looking deceptive.


Embrace Change


If your partner is vocal about their concerns, don’t dismiss them as invalid. When you show a willingness to change, it bespeaks your trustworthiness. Remaining moored to your old habits, on the other hand, demonstrates stubbornness. Obstinance and deceit go hand in hand, so it’s best to accommodate your spouse if their wishes aren’t unreasonable.


Be Sincere


Sincerity goes a long way, and pseudo honesty is easy to detect. At the heart of trust lies authenticity, and it’s exceedingly difficult to rebuild trust if your partner perceives you as disingenuous. The best way to build this trait is to remain honest in day-to-day affairs that take place outside of your marriage. Practice makes perfect, and before too long, sincerity will become second nature.


Remain Loyal


Jealousy runs rampant in most marriages, and it’s in large part due to the growing prevalence of cheating. If your other half suspects that you’re unfaithful, it may be their insecurities manifesting, but it’s most likely attributed to untrustworthy behavior. Don’t shy away from showering your spouse with affection. It’s not difficult to refrain from checking out other men and women, and if it’s an urge you can’t resist, you can’t even trust yourself.


Without trust in a marriage, unhappiness invariably follows. If your marriage is lacking in this department, consider employing the above advice. Not only will these pearls of wisdom bolster your relationship, but they’ll shape you into a better person as well.