Many of the cosmetic products that are sold in stores contain chemicals, fragrances, and additives that can actually be bad for certain skin and hair types. Why waste time and money trying all of those different products in search of the one that works best for you? Believe it or not, you can make your own natural remedies from things you have in your own home.

Remedy your skin naturally

There are many things that you may very well have in your own kitchen that can be used to exfoliate and moisturize your face. Oats and honey make an excellent facial scrub. Lemon juice can be used as an astringent cleanser. Baking soda neutralizes excess acid in the skin and absorbs oil. Olive oil can be used on the face as a moisturizer.

Revitalize your eyes

You can remedy tired and puffy eyes by simply brewing a cup of tea. You won’t be drinking the tea but rather using the tea bag to relieve irritation, swelling, and soreness around your eyes. Simply let the tea bags cool down to a comfortably warm temperature after dunking and place one on each closed eye. Sit back and relax for several minutes while the tea bags do their work. Do not, however, put boiling hot teabags on your eyelids; you will burn them.

Add some sparkle to your smile

Bring back your white smile by making your own natural toothpaste. Simply mix some coconut oil, baking soda, and peppermint essential oil in a jar. If you don’t have the time to make your own, you may want to consider a natural product such as Whitefrost charcoal to help brighten up those pearly whites. Charcoal draws the stains out of your teeth, allowing the natural white underneath to shine through. Consider combining with remineralization products to prevent tooth sensitivity, replacing staining materials with healthy minerals.

Bring that hair back to life

If you have dry and dull hair you can lather on a little mayonnaise to your hair while in the shower. The vinegar will give it some extra body while the egg nourishes it with protein. Beer can be used as a conditioner and setting lotion. Lemon juice will bring out those natural highlights. If you have oily hair you can add some baking soda to your shampoo to absorb the excess oil.

In this time of modern conveniences and technology, we have lost sight of what may be best for our skin, hair, and bodies. Using facial scrubs, ointments, moisturizers, soaps, toothpaste, and whiteners made of natural ingredients is a big step to getting back to what our body needs most while omitting those harsh additives and chemicals.