Self-esteem is vital to a child’s development, but in a time of cyber-bullying and social attacks, this can seem out of their reach. As parents, we are the cornerstones of their mental well-being. Here are four ways to establish confidence in your child at home that they will carry into the world.


Encourage Possibilities


Sports can be an incredible boost to a child’s ego, but often they don’t feel they are good enough to try out. While practicing their sport of choice in the backyard (showing your support), have a talk. Explain how being on a team can make the child feel important. Belonging to something bigger than themselves will improve social skills and teach teamwork instead of isolation.


Choices Are Empowering


Include your child in family decisions. From what to cook for dinner to where the family should go on vacation, allowing them to give their input shows them that their opinion matters. They learn to hone their thought process and put real consideration into their answers. This practice leads to more self-confidence and will encourage them to speak up at school and in social situations. They will see they also have choices in handling a bully either at school or online. They can shape a positive outcome because their voice matters.


Celebrate Successes


Whether your child makes the team, joins a club, or diffuses a bullying situation, make sure you celebrate with them. Validate their win with a gesture that is meaningful. Remember, small gestures go farther with a child than with adults. A fun way to give them a boost is with a tangible memento. A trophy or plaque from Trophy Outlet is a wonderful symbol of your support and gives them a reminder of their own strength that will be with them the rest of their life.


Collaborate, Don’t Berate


When hard times do arise, never make your child feel worse. Home is their safe place. Talk to them and ask them how they think the situation should be addressed. By including them, they will learn to be responsible and their self-esteem will grow in turn. They become aware that every reckless decision has an impact and has consequences. They will be able to make better choices in the future.


By listening, including, and uplifting your child you will help their self-esteem grow. The chances of depression will lessen and you will see your child grow into a successful, mentally stable young adult.