It’s only the big companies that can have their office reflect their own branding right? That’s what many people think because from the outside it looks like that’s the only way it can be done. It looks like it’s expensive, takes a lot of time to complete and if it’s going to be done it should be there for a long time right? Well, thankfully in the world of business things have moved on slightly.

Now small businesses can reply back ‘anything you can do, we can do better’, or rather just as good anyway. Corporate branding of an office is absolutely needed for a few key reasons. For one, if it’s your base of operations, your beating heart, and the location where you will be staying for a long time, then your office should be stamped.

Stamping your office with your brand makes it official, so it doesn’t look like you’re just renting some commercial space. The other reason is that you want guests to feel like you are encompassing and powerful. But how do you implement this wish?

The main reception

Don’t be fooled, a small business is not necessarily small. Most countries define a small business that has between 10 to 200 employees. When you are in the triple-digit territory, you are past the point whereby you will be seen as a micro business or garage startup. In fact, at this point, you may even have a reception in your own office building. Even if you’re just renting the office space, many contracts come with the option of allowing corporate branding unto the space itself.

Printed logo wall stickers are a brilliantly cheap but effective way to brand the walls of your office and or reception. It quite clearly, shows the onlooker what company is working in between these four walls. It can also be displayed on the walls of the office where employees work. Looking more professional, it’s also a sense of pride.

Stepping on your style

Granted you’re not trying to create some kind of special house whereby everything is branded. Afterall you don’t want to look like some kind of fast food restaurant. However, your style as a business must shine through so there’s a more uniform look and approach to your office. For example, you can also have your logo imprinted in decorative concrete via the laying down of complex floor systems.

First of all the floor will be high wear, durable and able to withstand many pressures of heat and weight. There’s a slip-resistant finish that is applied at the end also. However, you can have any kind of over overlayment you want. With absolute freedom to implement your custom design, the company uses dyed polished concrete to attain a long-lasting logo print. Many powerful corporations and government entities use this as it creates a more solid branding continuity.

Corporate branding for an office isn’t that difficult. The key is to know how to tastefully do it, and imprinting your logo on the walls via a large sticker is a great way to begin. For a more permanent and durable approach, consider decorative concrete for the same thing.

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