It doesn’t take more than a single trip to the toy store to realize that most modern kids’ toys are nothing more than overpriced plastic junk. Instead of giving your youngsters something that will inevitably be forgotten within a matter of days, why not spoil them with something that’s both educational and inspiring?

The tech market is filled with great products that are oriented towards teaching kids valuable lessons and skills. Aside from their educational value, these gifts offer playability far beyond what’s offered out of the box. This makes them useful in the long run, as your kids will be able to enjoy even one of these gifts for months or even years to come.

While there are plenty of great options here, our list is by no means comprehensive. Be sure to check out these gift options for even more tech toys to spoil your loved ones with.

Jiusion Handheld Microscope

For as little as $20, your kids can explore the wonders of the micro world through 1000X magnification with the Jiusion microscope. It’s digital, which means you can hook it up to any Mac, Windows or Android device and capture your subjects in photo and video form.

Anki Cozmo Robot

Just a few years ago, owning your very own robot would be a thing of dreams. But these days, innovations such as the adorable Cozmo Robot from Anki allow your tiny humans to enjoy all the thrills that come with having a real-life robot. Aside from the preloaded games, Cozmo can easily be programmed to perform a variety of tasks.

After it recognizes your face and gets to know you, it will develop its own personality, making it a truly unique gift. It’s also a great maintenance-free alternative to buying a pet.

Circuit Maze Board Game

Learning how electricity and circuits work at a young age may just spark an interest in a potential career field for your little one. This board game by ThinkFun features 60 different challenges that require you to move and fit each piece in sequence in order to solve each puzzle. It’s a great way to cut down on screen time and learn problem-solving skills.

Mattel View VR Starter Pack

This virtual reality set is made just for kids and requires nothing more than a smartphone to work. Simply plug in your Android or iOS device, download a few apps, videos or games and you’re set for endless fun. Mattel also offers affordable reel packs which cover educational topics such as wildlife and space exploration.

Kano Computer Kit

Buying your kids a computer is cool and all, but having them build one themselves is a rewarding and inspiring experience. This kit by Kano features all the software and hardware you need to build and program your own computer for gaming, music and just about anything else.

With gifts like these, you won’t have to feel guilty about spoiling your little ones. Their educational and inspirational value make them well worth their often low price tags. They might just be the perfect way to spoil yourself, too.