When you have been married long enough to hit your thirtieth wedding anniversary, it is time to celebrate with something truly special. This is an important milestone and a testament to your love and loyalty to each other. If you are looking for a celebratory idea that is a bit out of the ordinary to set this anniversary apart, consider these four fun and creative options.

Sail the Seas on a Cruise

A cruise offers both of you a special time to disconnect from the rest of the world and to reconnect with each other. While it is not impossible to chat on the telephone or shoot a friend an email from your cruise ship, it is certainly difficult, making this the perfect time to leave your cell phone at home. Enjoy different cuisines and some sunny relaxation time on the ship, and keep things exciting with on-shore excursions to places neither of you have seen. You can swim, go to a show, and enjoy all you can eat meals together. Taking a break from the monotony of daily life. Pamper yourselves at sea.

Rekindle the Romance at a Resort

If you’re worried about getting sea-sick an all-inclusive beach resort is the perfect place. You and your spouse to let go of all of your worries. Once you arrive, all expenses have been paid for, and you can simply enjoy the dining, activities and sunshine. For some extra options, you may want to choose a resort that allows you to access activities at other nearby resorts for no extra money. This is a great option for someone who doesn’t want to be walking around too much. You have everything you want within your resort.

Speed Away on a Motorcycling Road Trip

If you are a bit more adventurous, consider a scenic road trip on your two seater Worth Harley Davidson motorcycle. Not only is it exciting to feel the wind in your face while you travel through new areas of the U.S., but also it is nice to be seated so close to each other while traveling. You may even want to try a lengthy drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. You can stop and rest at a different hotel every night. Plan out the best eats or let the wind be your guide. You decide.  A motorcycle is also an investment. You can’t keep airfare, but the vacation can continue anytime you want with a bike.

Relive the Reception

If the two of you prefer to keep things closer to home due to busy schedules or a tighter budget, a special anniversary reception may be just right for you. Display pictures of your wedding reception and decorate the room to look just as your original reception did. You can even serve the same foods and drinks and play the same music. Your guests will love the blast to the past. This is a more sentimental route as you can involve your kids celebrating the family birthday.

While you may have opted to stay close to home or simply celebrate with a meal out in past years, your thirtieth wedding anniversary is a truly special time that should be marked with an out-of-the-ordinary celebration to demonstrate your love for each other. Whether you choose to keep things simple with a fun reception close to home or want to go international on a cruise or at a beach resort, your celebration is a great time to recommit to each other.