It’s hard to find anyone prouder than a soccer mom. Many soccer moms have t-shirts and bumper stickers to match. After all, they should be proud of their little ones on the field. This is why a soccer mom is one of the best people to handle any fundraising efforts that need to happen. If you’re in this position and have your thinking cap on, consider these three fundraising ideas. If you don’t want to sell at games you can see if cities near you have summer parades. People get thirsty in the parades. Kids in their jerseys selling ice-cold water for a dollar can add up fast.

Sell Candy and Snacks
As a soccer mom, you probably want to be in the stands during the soccer games. This is why it’s best for you to sell candy and snacks once the game is over. However, you can always ask a few volunteers to sell while the game is going on. Set up a stand in order to offer everything from chips and cotton candy to cold cut sandwiches and water. Many big parks have different youth leagues playing at the same time, selling to other teams families can help the siblings in the sidelines be distracted with snacks and help your team.

Host a BBQ fundraiser 
Unless someone is vegan, it’s difficult to find people who don’t love a good barbeque. Set up signs in the local neighborhoods. Prepare an ad to go up in the local newspaper. Let the community know about the upcoming barbeque and how the proceeds will go directly to the soccer team. Find people who know how to handle raw meat and prepare amazing barbeque plates. You can buy in bulk to have an extra fundraising margin. In addition to the meat, don’t forget to purchase kaiser buns, condiments, and plates. Make sure the person handling the money is protected and secured.

Host a festival 
A festival might seem like a huge undertaking, but if you plan the event in advance, it can be a major success. Assemble a committee that can tackle different components of the festival. One committee can secure a location. Another committee can handle the marketing and public relations components. Don’t forget the entertainment committee. They have to make sure the hay rides, DJ and relay races are planned perfectly. You can also allow different local businesses to sponsor the event in exchange for advertising. Most businesses are eager to get their name out there. If it’s in partnership with children and a positive mission, many businesses will be happy to help out in some way.

You never know. Depending on the success of the endeavor, it might become a continued revenue stream for the team. Get other soccer moms and dads involved in the effort. When you’re able to work with others, the work won’t be as arduous or difficult. Teamwork makes the dream work and with these ideas, the soccer team is bound to score.